Medicine Jar is abused by Love

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# novel recommendation # by salve end abuse don’t abuse + present “author: small bump deer types: through rebirth size: 825 KB: giants, a book, the dog blood and fake avatars, sweet pet, double clean, 1 v1 Shen Ning through to the end, I tried, he a canary avatars by wen, becomes a full text bettered amplitude 90% of the poor.And then he found out he was wearing it, even though he was still sick.The youth instant look in the eyes is cold, follow you abuse not abuse, anyway fast dead.After signing a contract, Xie Yin discovers what he raises is not canary, however super invincible supreme edition disease weak and weak ancestor.Attack wonderful mother: “Xie Yin likes you, you have to keep your own duty…”Shen Ning: “cough cough cough cough what you say!”Tapping mom: “…Nothing. I don’t want to be a murderer.””Don’t think xie Yin likes you because you are great, you are just a substitute…An angel will love you for me.”Shen Ning:?A sudden rush into art?When her ex-boyfriend returned to China, he sat down gracefully in front of Shen Ning and said to him, “You know what?Xie Yin loves listening to me play the piano.””I don’t know,” Shen replied, head bowed. “ALL I know is that if you don’t give me back my phone, there will soon be police cars and ambulances all over the place.”Shen Ning just took the phone back, the other end of the phone: “Why don’t you answer my phone?!”Shen Ning frowns: “It’s your ex-boyfriend who took the phone away.””Will he give it to you?”Xie Yin angrily way: “You touch porcelain my spirit take out!”Shen Ning puzzled, when did he touch porcelain?Don’t you always give for nothing?A touch is broken fearless sickly suffer × bully total transfer job 24 filial piety good boyfriend attack idea: cherish now, watch for the future a brief introduction: abuse get calculate you win reading guide: double is misunderstanding, will explain later, attack all the time like is suffer.The pictures come from the network and are deleted immediately