Taiwan scholar: How can the US help Taiwan to fight a war if it can’t handle it by itself

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This article is adapted from Chen Qinchun, A scholar at Huaxia Jingwei Network.Francis Fukuyama, a senior fellow at Stanford University’s School of International Studies, said in an interview with Taiwan’s Tixia Magazine that the United States will not help Taiwan fight a war that does not fight for itself, and Taiwan should not make the mistake of expecting the United States to send troops to help defend it.Chen Chin-chun, assistant professor of public affairs at Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, told China Review News that Fukuyama’s key question is whether the US will decline and eventually be replaced by China.Taiwan is the testing ground.He believes that the US will not do more to fend off the mainland’s threat to Taiwan. It is like litmus paper, which is used to test ph. Will it find a way to make the paper fail to measure ph?No, a dipstick is a dipstick. Of course, the US will defend its own things, but it will not strengthen Taiwan’s defense. At present, the US cannot handle its own internal affairs, how can it afford to help Taiwan to fight a war?The US is not going to add more power, fukuyama said this actually looks bad on the US, but Fukuyama is Japanese-American identity, no one in Taiwan would label it.Chen Chin-chun, born in 1967, has a Ph.D. in Public Administration and Policy at Taipei University. His research interests include administration, public opinion research, social capital, and policy marketing. He served as adjunct Head of the Ming Chuan Public Affairs Department.Chen Believes that the whole interview can be summarized in many key points, because Fukuyama is a famous international analyst and Japanese-American identity, the DPP’s cyber army can not find the gap of legitimacy to attack, Fukuyama’s warning can give Taiwan more thinking.’Does Fukuyama think there will be a war across the Taiwan Strait?Will the United States send troops?Depending on China attacking us forces first, military support for Taiwan has traditionally been more republican than Democratic.But Mr Trump and most of today’s Republicans have long been isolationists and would have no interest in getting involved in a military conflict between China and Taiwan if he were US President.Democrat Joe Biden, by contrast, is more likely.Chin-chun Chen pointed out that if the mid-term elections in November 2022, the republican defeat democratic majorities, republican must with democratic biden, is this on behalf of both parties in the United States military support for Taiwan is limited, the possibility of the United States is unlikely to return to the world’s dominance of the position, and regional power sharing global power.”Judging from fukuyama’s analysis of world trends, it is unlikely that the United States will take the initiative or be able to strengthen the first island chain,” he told China Review. “Japan and South Korea may not follow the United States, so will the United States decline and eventually be replaced by mainland China?”The testing ground for this claim is Taiwan.’The test will focus on whether the U.S. is able to prevent China from making further progress,’ Mr. Chen said. ‘If China makes further progress and the U.S. steps back half a step or one step, we know the U.S. is in recession. If we can’t stop the trend, we know the U.S. is in recession.’Chen Qinchun said that fukuyama’s remark has another important point. It does not mean that The United States wants Taiwan to take two steps forward. What it really means is that the United States can no longer help Taiwan move forward, but the Chinese mainland has been pushing forward.Or finally just let China go one step further?That’s a bad thing about America.He cites the race theory: who wins when two people reach the finish line at the same time?Whoever catches up wins, because it’s catching up.Chin-chun Chen said that Taiwan be observed whether the U.S. decline test field, further before if China, the United States without further to mainland China, the United States at least hold, but there is no further to mainland China, the United States more than going to take one more step in China, less likely, look at us secretary of state in blinken to southeast Asian countries to lobby against,Is there any country willing to join?