The art and life of sun Bowen, a famous painter “a rebel of The Times”

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Everyone is fighting against The Times he is living in.Sun Bowen’s tragic life is due to his deep love for art.In 1884, sun Mofo, a great calligrapher, was born. As sun Bowen’s great-grandfather, he influenced Sun Bowen genetically.Sun Tianmu was born in 1911 and sun Mofo saved Sun Yat-sen from danger in 1922, which directly changed the historical course of the Chinese nation.July 7, 1937 lugouqiao Incident, the Chinese nation entered the dark period.In 1938, Sun Tianmu became the second great artist in his family when he was taught by Chen Shaomei.In 1938, Sun Bowen was born in the war, and the third great artist in his family was born. In an era of uncertain life and death, sun Bowen spent his childhood in the eight-year War of War.In his young heart, solemn and stirring seeds.Directly expressed in the picture — the country broken mountains and rivers in.In 1955, the Soviet Experts withdrew, and the New China was growing up in its infancy.From 1958 to 1962, during the great Leap Forward and the Great Famine, Sun Bowen spent his college life under the tutorship of Guan Yousheng, Hei Bailong, Wang Qihua and Chen Fengyu.As the adopted son of Jiang Weisong, he learned Western painting and practiced calligraphy.Filled with poems and songs, Sun bowen succeeded in his studies.Graduated from Shandong Art Institute in 1963, the great leader went to the vast world to exercise, blog to work in the Junan County cultural center in the old revolutionary base area.2000 Everyone is the tragedy of The Times, 1966 the Cultural Revolution began.Absurd years, Sun Bowen was trapped in the flood, art is the outcast of this era, can only be used to praise the virtues.When the Cultural Revolution ended in 1976, Sun Bowen’s artistic career began to dawn.In 1978, 18 farmers in Xiaogang village contracted their farmland to households in the way of “supporting orphans”. Breaking away from the bondage of The Times required great courage and sacrifice, and the great reform and opening up would be the prelude.When Sun Bowen returned to Laiyang in 1978, the tragedy of choice continued.Sun got divorced in 1978 and became a teacher of famous painter Cui Zifan in 1979.Color for ink, the beginning of the inkling.Sun Bowen found his own artistic language, 1980 another marriage, secular is the biggest cage.Advanced artistic concept, let him go to the pinnacle of loneliness, in return for the betrayal of relatives, joy and sorrow will be art to the end.The birth of a daughter in 1982 did not change the bitterness of life.Strike 1983, a time of contempt for the law, a time of grievance, no choice.In 1984, painting fell from a high altitude and broke his heel. His health deteriorated, and fate began to torture him physically.In 1992, the 14th National Congress of The Communist Party of China formally proposed the reform and opening up, and settled in Qingdao in 1992.Change the environment, throw off the original circle, life is still down and out.Major changes occurred in artistic career, splash ink splash color blend of Chinese and Western, vigorous huazi.In 1995, I visited Mt. Laoshan, making friends with the gods of nature and enjoying a pleasant tour with the immortals.Harmony, ink and color dripping.He ushered in the blooming of his artistic life.On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong returned to China, ushering in an era of rapid development.1997 brain tumor craniotomy, crazy Sun Bowen appeared.Life has abandoned Sun Bowen, illness completely pushed Sun bowen to art.In 1998, I began to create crazily. I knew the limit of my life and decided to show the splendor of my life.In 2000, continued to create flourishing period, in 2001, Qianfo Xia warm sun smoked.In the light of Buddha, in the beginning was the Way, and the Way was with God.Sun Bowen burst out amazing creativity, crazy graffiti hundreds of huge mountains and rivers, established his position in the history of art.Ups and downs, mountains falling stone, strong and dazzling color, full of the desire for life.May 1, 2002 military museum, Sun Bowen painting exhibition, the last bloom of life.In 2003, soul tour xi ‘an dream of thousands of years, the last call of life, came to the foundation of Chinese civilization, the long road to the end, finally look forward to colorful clouds return.SARS epidemic in 2003, Sun Bowen was trapped in Guangzhou lost old Tibet, full of regret lonely home.Relapse driving crane, there is no sun Bo wen.In March 2019, another madman was reincarnated and a collector with a sense of mission was born.In November 2020, Fan Di ‘an curated the exhibition “Li Li Hua Zhang — Sun Bowen’s Art Exhibition”, which was held in the National Art Museum of China.City after city, people saw Sun Bow-wen again.(:Wang Lijun 2020.12.27 night) Sun Bowen works appreciation “thousands of miles of smoke wave a wipe of dust” 90 X 90 ink on paper 1998 “Bai Lian Dream dream long” 69 X 41 ink on paper 2001 “Mountains and rivers with emerald sky” 179 X 96 ink on paper 1996 “several thousand mountains red” 239 X125 Ink and wash on paper 2000 “Autumn Chrysanthemum defying Frost” 179 X 48 Ink and wash on paper 2000 “Autumn Water in Kunlun Long” 137 X 69 Ink and wash on paper 2002 “Autumn Day” 38 X 99 ink and wash on paper 1997 “Double Crown Grand Luck” 96 X 178 ink and wash on paper2000 “Daffodils Bloom” 96 X 89 Ink on paper 2001 “One Mountain, One Water, One Blue Sky” 178 X 95 Ink on paper 2000 “Mountain Road Straight Into autumn Forest” 220 X 85 Ink on paper 1999 “Shaming Group Heron White” 142 X 356 ink on paperSun Bowen (1938 — 2003), name jiuxue, word Bowen, no. Ruyang Shanren, was born in 1938 in Xifushan Village, Xuefang Town, Laiyang, Shandong province, the revolution of 1911 elderly, the central Research Institute of Culture and History staff Sun Mofo (once served as marshal house army) great-great-grandson,The great grandson of sun Tianmu, the master of northern landscape painting, studied under Guan Yousheng, Hei Bo Long, Wang Qihua and Chen Fengyu.In 1958, he was admitted to Shandong College of Art and graduated in 1963. After graduation, he took the initiative to work in the junan County Cultural Center for the organization and education of grass-roots art and culture.In 1978, Sun Bowen left Junan and returned to laiyang, his hometown, and finally settled in Qingdao.In 1979, Sun Bowen learned from cui Zifan, a famous laiyang painter, and applied cui Zifan’s freehand brushwork flower-and-bird painting techniques to landscape painting, thus starting to create a new landscape of his own.After studying Mr. Zhang Daqian splash color ink painting, integration and innovation, a unique family.Mr. Sun Bowen devoted himself to the exploration and innovation of Chinese painting all his life.The works are both large and large, or the square sketch, are vigorous, magnificent;The picture is free and colorful.Especially in his later years, he created a large number of great works, which completely broke through the normal viewing path and thinking mode.The rich themes and gorgeous colors have completely overturned the historical accumulation and traditional concepts of Chinese landscape painting.Mr. Sun Bowen’s artistic achievements are very special, he made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese painting freehand brushwork tradition.In May 2002, Mr. Sun Bowen held his personal painting and calligraphy exhibition in Beijing Military Museum, which attracted the attention of the press and art circles.On November 12, 2020, “Li Hua Zhang Sun Bowen’s Art Exhibition” opened in the National Art Museum of China, and a batch of sun Bowen’s large-size works were displayed.Let the audience know more about this little-known painter.On June 6, 2021-17, “dripping wet spanning Sun Bowen art exhibition” in the shandong art gallery again, focus on display Sun Bowen late life nearly 60 Chinese paintings, and around the exhibition held three consecutive academic seminar, successively has nearly hundred experts and scholars, from all over the country to participate in discussion of the shandong art gallery,This is unprecedented in Shandong Art Museum and the whole country.