The promotion meeting of Xinyi Polysilicon project in Qilin District emphasizes that the inverted wall chart operation ensures the construction of the project as scheduled

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February 9, Kylin District held the xinyi polysilicon project promotion meeting.The meeting made arrangements and arrangements for accelerating the construction of Xinyi polysilicon project, planned and coordinated to solve relevant problems, established various mechanisms to ensure the smooth progress of the project, and ensured the construction of the project as scheduled.Zhang Zhongwen, deputy secretary of district Committee and District head presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.Kirin at Lutheran polysilicon project work advance will photograph (9 February), area even higher, deputy director of the National People’s Congress standing committee deputy prefects over rush is in charge of the work communication, project director report for faith polysilicon project propulsion situation and difficult problems, the relevant units to project the difficult problem of speech communication.Zhang Zhongwen, deputy secretary of qilin District Committee and head of Qilin District, preside over a meeting on Feb. 9, 2018.All levels and departments should be in strict accordance with the time node, inverted construction period, under the premise of ensuring quality and safety, according to the requirements, according to the procedure, according to the standard to do everything possible to promote the project construction;Elements should be guarantee to strengthen the land, capital, policy, the cadre force, such as security, further change ideas, innovative work ideas, in-depth practice of “the government around enterprises, enterprises have something in the” idea, timely resolve the influence and restrict the difficult problem of the construction of the project, to speed up the project examination and approval, construction, construction and so on work;Pay close attention to all links of project construction, in the link of contradiction coordination, land bottleneck breakthrough, do more communication, more coordination, more efforts to provide a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of the project;We should establish a special work team system, efficiently and strictly do a good job in project supervision, effectively enhance the sense of time and efficiency, and spare no effort to ensure that the project starts construction as scheduled.Photo taken on Feb. 9, 2018 shows the leaders of the district Natural Resources Bureau, The District Development and Reform Bureau, the District Forestry and grassland Bureau, the Kylin Industrial Park Management Committee, the District Industrial Investment (Group) Co., LTD., Yueju Town, as well as relevant staff of Xinyi Company and members of the project team.Text and text: Li Li Editor: Ba Yongfei