These dishes are not only the favorites of people in the northeast, but also those in the South. They are so fragrant

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These dishes are not only the favorites of the people in the northeast, but also those in the South. They are so delicious!First is necessarily kill pig northeast cuisine, is the northeast sauerkraut and kill pig cooking black pudding, add pork is it really god directly, not too good, and put a hot pot, eating the dish in the pan, cook for a while after the pickled cabbage soup is very delicious, especially the fresh, eat twisted egg sweet, eat sour pickled cabbage blood sausage meat, drink soup is over again, belly!Second power increase bone, cauldron in northeast China made of bone, the delicious meat torn above, then the bone marrow, with the hand holding the biting words will have fragrance, can use this kind of feeling, pot bone everyone can eat, everyone around to eat bones, it’s cold outside, to drink their own, with obesity, this let not cold outside, go out ice!The third way is spicy string, string incense, now online to sell these bottom son things too much, and then buy the signature of their favorite balls and vegetables on the cuttings, put the bottom son cook, dip in their sesame sauce to eat, spicy best.The fourth is mala heat, northeast people like mala heat so much, how can reduce it, put all kinds of ingredients together, put them into a large pot to cook, put these adjusted materials into, now the network is developed, you can cook mala heat at home, buy mala heat and taste outside, eat just have fragrance.The fifth is the pot, pot of a variety of types, but or the northeast people of their own hoho food delicious, God’s life!Ah, writing here, I am hungry, what do you think?Or you can get yourself one after work today!