Why is SAIC Volkswagen the most expected in 2021?

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If you want to inventory the Chinese auto market in 2021, electrification transformation must be the most is not open around the keywords, so far as to say this is the “core” auto market in 2021, all enterprises are trying to grab intelligent electric cars in the future, “thinking” the transformation of various kinds are springing up constantly, some high some low, some radical some conservative,It makes it hard to see which way of thinking is the right way.In the face of changing in the future, we may be difficult to judge what kind of idea is the “right”, but in 2021 the auto enterprises, gives the blueprint for the future development, traditional industry is generally accepted that represented by Shanghai Volkswagen car companies, planning ideas is more comprehensive, more clear, more worthy of all the ordinary consumer expectations.Why so, we take SAIC Volkswagen as an example to do an interpretation.Rendering technology, ensures the quality, compared with the new forces of high-profile building cars, the electrification transformation of Shanghai Volkswagen is quiet a lot, this kind of “low key” not only embodies in sales volume, but also on the product, such as building cars crazy new forces push “futures”, Shanghai Volkswagen and you’ll never do it, but this is what we are more willing to believe that one of the reasons for Shanghai Volkswagen transformation ideas.In 2021, IN the electrification transformation, SAIC Volkswagen put forward the proposition of “All in Volkswagen”, indicating the attitude of comprehensive transformation of the enterprise. From this point of view, SAIC Volkswagen’s transformation determination is no less than the new force of car manufacturing, but the enterprise always insists on technology first and quality as the foundation of transformation.”Futures”, “semi-finished products”, “safety for technology” and other words will never appear in the “dictionary” of SAIC Volkswagen.They have them they want everything in readiness to advance, such as Volkswagen the MEB platform with great concentration for many years, such as Shanghai Volkswagen for $17 billion to build platform for the MEB exclusive factories, such as Shanghai Volkswagen put into use at the end of 2021 research and development of new buildings and so on, these are necessary to the preparation of a motor car fall to the ground, Shanghai Volkswagen will accelerate the pace of “preparation”,But it will not shorten the necessary “preparation time.”This makes the transformation of SAIC Volkswagen look a little slow at the early stage, but after all the preparation work is ready, SAIC Volkswagen will not slow down at all. In 2021, the enterprise will promote three ID models: ID.4X, ID.6X and ID.3.The family’s new model, the speed of new product launch is amazing to the market.The speed of product launch is remarkable, but in the quality of grinding, SAIC Volkswagen did not relax the slightest, for consumers most concerned about the safety of battery pack, SAIC Volkswagen on ID.The battery pack is equipped with 338 stringent tests covering mechanical, electrical, environmental, safety, function and life span, far higher than the 53 tests stipulated in national standards.Therefore, SAIC Volkswagen ID. Series has been recognized by both market and industry authorities, ID.The annual sales volume of the family exceeded 38,000 units, and the monthly sales continued to exceed 7,000 units. In December, the sales volume directly exceeded 8,000 units.Saic Volkswagen won the “TUV Nandzhisheng Honor Star” certificate, becoming the first winner of this award in China.The ID.4X also won the title of “China’s Eco-friendly Car of the Year 2022”.Fulfills responsibility, adhere to sustainable render, product technology, ensures the quality, delivery quickly, rewrite the market pattern, Shanghai Volkswagen walked out of a “demonstration” of electrification transformation route, and this is not the whole enterprise transformation plot, on this basis, the Shanghai Volkswagen also actively practicing corporate responsibility, adhere to sustainable development, in the whole value chain to promote green low carbon operation.Only the green environmental protection of electric vehicles is not the real green environmental protection, the green concept of the whole industrial chain is a real enterprise in the cause of environmental protection should adhere to, saic Volkswagen is obviously doing so.Saic Volkswagen has been practicing the “goTOzero” concept of Volkswagen Group, promoting green and low-carbon operation in the whole value chain, and dedicating itself to manufacturing “zero-emission” products with “zero-impact” factories, so as to truly realize low-carbon and sustainable green future.In the past three years, through a series of energy conservation and emission reduction measures and intelligent manufacturing technology investment, the company has achieved CO₂ emission reduction of more than 300,000 tons, equivalent to 12 imperial Palace area of adult trees a year of CO₂ absorption, volatile organic emissions continue to decline, water resources, waste comprehensive utilization significantly improved.In terms of materials, SAIC Volkswagen also insists on using more energy-saving and environment-friendly materials, which is beneficial to the health of drivers and passengers on the one hand and contributes to green ecology on the other hand.In charging facilities construction, battery recycling and other links, SAIC Volkswagen is also actively exploring, let ID.Each of the series of electric vehicles, are toward the product life cycle green “evolution”.In addition, SAIC Volkswagen has actively cooperated with employees and partners to carry out activities such as biodiversity conservation, water resources conservation, waste management and recycling initiatives, so that the concept of “goTOzero” has penetrated into all aspects of the company’s operations.About new forces building cars, people always like to see their “positive innovation”, “brisk pace” side, without the brand history “baggage” nature is a good thing, but conversely, without the brand “baggage” means fewer “accumulation” and “background”, which both can ensure that a company will not “get rich quick” in electrification transformation,Therefore, when SAIC Volkswagen shows its comprehensive transformation blueprint in 2021, we are more willing to trust and expect.