Beijing’s first state-owned brand 4S shop Beijing Qin and Cadillac sincerely invite you to taste!

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Beijing Qinhe Cadillac 4S store, under Beijing Xianglong Borui Auto Service (Group) Co., LTD.Saic General Motors co., Ltd. certification set vehicle sales, parts sales, after-sales service as the body of the 4S shop.It is the first state-owned enterprise 4S shop of Cadillac brand in Beijing.When you come to Beijing and buy a car from Cadillac, you can enjoy many gifts.☆ Car booking ceremony ★ To the store car booking can enjoy exclusive discounts.★CT4 all models cash discount 10,000, low down payment of 43,000, replacement and enjoy replacement subsidies!★CT5 series cash discount of 35,000, low down payment of 48,000, replacement more enjoy replacement allowance courtesy!★CT6 all models cash discount of 90,000, 57,000 ultra low down payment, replacement more enjoy replacement allowance courtesy!XT4 full series of models cash discount 40,000, ultra-low down payment of 41,000, replacement more enjoy replacement subsidy courtesy!★XT5 all models cash discount 55,000, ultra-low down payment 53,000, replacement more enjoy replacement allowance courtesy!★XT6 all models cash discount 55,000, low down payment 69,000, replacement more enjoy replacement allowance courtesy!In addition, 10 “special cars” will be launched on a first come, first served basis.Interested friends can consult to buy!The company is located in the core business district of Jiukeshu, Tongzhou District, Beijing, the sub-center of Beijing city, close to the city rail Batong line, convenient transportation, for the shop to buy cars, repair cars to provide favorable conditions for customers.The company covers an area of 3,700 square meters. In 2016, in accordance with the latest standard of SAIC-GM Cadillac brand, the company built a store project exhibition hall, which can park 6 cars, providing one-stop services such as car sales, insurance, financial payment, second-hand car replacement and so on.There are 15 service stations and 8 lifters.It has advanced maintenance and testing equipment, including vehicle diagnosis instrument, four-wheel positioning instrument, dynamic balance instrument and so on.Provide vehicle maintenance, repair, spare parts supply, emergency rescue and other comprehensive after-sales service.The company pays attention to the development, the steady improvement at the same time, has also cultivated a skilled, high-quality sales, maintenance team.Our company has 13 technicians, 8 customer managers and 13 professional sales consultants certified by SAIC-GM Cadillac brand certification. The company always adheres to the business policy of “market-oriented, customer-centered and service-oriented”, and constantly provides our customers with high-quality products and services.1. The first state-owned brand store in Beijing, Since 1996;2. Affiliated to Beijing Xianglongbo Rui Automobile Service (Group) Co., LTD., an established state-owned automobile group in Beijing.3. Whole industry chain services: new car sales, license plate inspection, second-hand car replacement evaluation, etc. One out of every ten cars is sold by Xianglongbo Rui Group.4. Leisure and entertainment: FREE Internet access for TV, books and computers.5. Star and Moon service is now open, the opening hours of Beijing Qin and Cadillac exhibition hall are extended to 21:00.Profile of Beijing Xianglong Borui Automobile Service (Group) Co., LTD.Beijing auspicious Long Borui auto service (group) co., LTD. Is a Beijing auspicious dragon assets management co., LTD. As a sponsor, in 2010, the former Beijing auto repair company, Beijing old motor vehicle trading market co., LTD., Beijing auspicious dragon car rental co., LTD., and other five units, restructuring of collectivize company type enterprise.Auspicious Long Borui group has 40 1 car brand stores, used car trading market, five parts supply center 1, 2, car rental companies, professional insurance agents, five second-hand car brokers, 1 car auction companies, nine comprehensive brand fast repair chain (Wei Gong overhead), 1 auto detection field, 1 retrieving and dismantling scrapped automobiles companies, etc.Xianglong Borui brand stores, used car trading market as the core, business covers new car sales, repair and maintenance, parts circulation, used car trading, car rental, car testing, scrap car recycling and dismantling, etc., in the country took the lead in creating a “full series of car services, the whole industry chain” new business model.At present, Xianglong Borui has formed an overall service network of point and line distribution and regional cluster in Beijing’s automobile service market, which is “developed along the ring road, relatively concentrated, balanced layout, complementary advantages and resource sharing”, and has become an important part of the capital’s traffic service.For more than half a century, we regard consummate craftsmanship and automobile patron as our mission;It is our duty to serve sincerely and build a safe car harbor for customers.To be honest and honest, and win-win cooperation with stakeholders as the duty;Take lifelong learning and becoming a competent automobile service expert as the goal;To enhance quality, build brand, build century-old stores, create the industry as the strongest vision.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)