In 1962, hundreds of Indian military vehicles were seized. Why were they all returned with full fuel?Better is known after the event

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Tibet military region commander, zhang guohua wen | star army wu edit | star sword army force since 1949, we faced a number of countries.Of these, the easiest country to play against is India.In 1962, the Sino-Indian War broke out between China and India.It was one of the easiest and swiftest battles we ever won.At that time, the commander of the Tibet Military Region said that it was the first time in his years as a soldier that he had won a war so easily.In comparison, we paid a heavy price for resisting The United States and aiding Korea.In the Sino-Indian war, we won the whole war with a small cost.But in this war, a strange thing happened.In the Sino-Indian war, 722 Chinese soldiers were killed and 697 wounded.They annihilated 4,383 Indian troops, wounded 1,047 and captured 3,968.At the same time, we captured more than 400 guns of various kinds, 6,000 guns of various kinds, more than 400 cars, 5 planes and 9 tanks.In addition, we also seized a large number of grenades, mines and other weapons and ammunition of all kinds.It can be said that we won the war decisively against India.However, under such circumstances, we did not take the initiative to expand the results of the war. On the contrary, we released all the captured Indian soldiers and officers and returned all the captured military materials to India.Not to mention, the captured vehicles were also gassed, cleaned, repainted and their equipment maintained.That doesn’t make sense, right?So, what’s going on?Let us maintain Indian equipment and return it to India?This move undoubtedly set a precedent for the victorious party to take the initiative to cease fire, withdraw, return captured materials and release prisoners.Even if captured equipment is destroyed, shouldn’t it be returned to the enemy?What’s more, the two sides were at war.Because of the terrain, resupply is not so easy, can’t you keep it for yourself?In this way, we are showing weakness to the Indian side.Was there really something wrong with us that we had to show weakness?What are the reasons for this?We are still tolerant in the face of aggressive India.It looks like we are showing weakness to India but we are showing goodwill to India.In fact, this is not the first time that China has shown goodwill to the Indian side.We are never afraid of war, and those who dare to bully us, we will show them our strength.We have goodwill towards India and hope that the two sides can achieve common development and progress.In the face of our goodwill, the Indian side did not care, but took our goodwill as a sign of weakness.During the British rule of India, British India set its sights on China.Until then, the two sides had demarcated their border along traditional customary lines.At that time, the British and Indian government, citing the lack of an official demarcation of the China-India boundary as the reason, secretly drew a “McMahon Line” along the boundary between the two sides, in an attempt to invade and expand China and gradually encroach on China’s territory.We have never accepted such a “McMahon line” imposed on us.But it is this “McMahon Line” that sows the root of the curse for Both China and India.India became independent in 1947.Not only does independent India want us to recognise the British Indian “McMahon Line” but it also wants to encroach further on our territory.We were in danger during the Anti-Japanese War.India sent troops to occupy parts of our country while we were fighting the Japanese.During the period of resistance and aid to Korea, we were facing the threat of America.India again took the opportunity to invade our country to achieve the demarcation of the “McMahon Line”.In 1954, India established a “Northeast Frontier Special Zone” on the inherent territory it had occupied from China.And revised their official maps.For the first time, the McMahon Line was marked as “delimited”, and the occupation of our territory became so-called just and legal.In the years that followed, India encroached and occupied our inherent territory.Take a place today, take a place tomorrow.Constantly taking advantage of opportunities to encroach on our inherent territory.We have lodged representations and protests with the Indian side on many occasions.But India has turned a blind eye to our goodwill.We hope to seek common development and progress.As for the Indian side, we hope that the disputed border issue can be resolved through bilateral peaceful negotiations.But as far as India is concerned, I don’t take your kindness seriously.Even taking our good intentions as a sign of our inadequacy, ignoring your protests and warnings.The Campaign against Rebellion in Tibet was won in 1959.But the Indian authorities still do not give up, explicitly and implicitly support Tibet’s separation.This has worsened the relationship between the two sides and increased the tension between the two countries.Since then, the Indian side has deliberately provoked the china-India border issue.At that time, Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru wrote a letter to Premier Zhou.In the letter, India made a large territorial claim to us.They want not only the more than 90,000 square kilometers of our territory that they have already occupied along the McMahon Line, but also 33,000 square kilometers of our territory that has always been under our jurisdiction.The Indian side of Fujian province, unreasonable claim our territory area how much?It’s about 125,000 square kilometers. What’s the concept?That’s about the size of fujian province, or even bigger than Fujian Province.Remember, Fujian province is only 124,000 square kilometers.In the face of China’s rebuff, The Indian side is not impressed.They adopted a policy of moving forward and sent troops across the “McMahon Line.”Attempts to change the Border between China and India by force and continuous bloodshed.We do not want to go to war with India for the sake of china-India friendship and peace in Asia.We have always tolerated and retreated from India’s armed occupation and hope to resolve the China-India border issue through peaceful negotiations.In response to the Indian military’s small group of intrusions on our side, we have taken limited retaliatory measures.At the same time, we are actively communicating with The Indian side to seek a peaceful solution to the issue.But The Indian side took our fortitude as weakness, threatened to conquer China by force, and made plans to attack us.In June 1962, The Indian side deployed nearly 20,000 troops to the western and eastern parts of the China-India border.In October 1962, the Indian side launched a large-scale attack against the Chinese army in an attempt to occupy our territory in disregard of our warnings.On this occasion we did not choose to be patient and soon beat the Indian army back.To ease the problem between the two sides, after we push the Indian side back.We once again proposed peace talks and hope to resolve the problems between the two sides peacefully.But the Indians refused and declared a national “state of emergency”.Why do Indians turn a blind eye to China’s goodwill?Why are they so confident?Actually, you only have to look at the history of India.In British India, the Indians followed the British everywhere.With the fight, India feels it can fight anyone and it has no problem.But the europeans who had colonised them still felt a little weak.But then there was a chance for the Indians to fight the Europeans.After independence, goa, Dammam and other places were still in Portuguese hands.The Indians wanted these places back, but the Portuguese refused.Portugal was not as powerful as it once was.But at least they are old colonialists, and India still has a bit of a chip on its back.In December 1961, India sent 40,000 troops to attack Goa and other places.At the time, there were fewer than 4,000 Portuguese troops.After 48 hours of fierce fighting, the Indian side won the war, ending Portuguese colonial rule.The victory of many wars made Indians feel that they had no rival.On the other hand, as a British colony, India inherited a large number of weapons and equipment.In addition, the United States and the Soviet Union supplied a large number of weapons and equipment to India.It also emboldens Indians.In November 1962, the Indians, unwilling to concede defeat, attacked us again. This was the second stage of our counter-attack against India.This time they are openly buying weapons from western countries such as the US.To defeat us with new weapons and achieve the goal of occupying our territory.On November 22, 1962, we successfully defeated the Indian military.However, at the moment when the balance was tilted towards us, we did not pursue the situation. Instead, we withdrew to within 20 kilometers of the line of Actual control.After our withdrawal, we not only wipe and maintain the captured weapons and vehicles, but also pack and organize them.In mid-December, we returned the captured Indian soldiers and captured materials to the Indian side.Why show weakness? Return equipment after maintenance first of all, not show weakness.With a tolerant heart, we hope to achieve peaceful development and common progress with other countries.But that doesn’t mean we’re afraid of bullying.We show the dignity of a great power, and we are not afraid of any challenge.The Chinese army is the most disciplined in the world.We treat prisoners with special treatment.To our enemies, we will show them how powerful we are.As for maintenance, give it to the Indians.India’s weapons are not only different from ours, but mostly old equipment.Using their weapons would not only be unfamiliar to us, but would also put a tremendous strain on logistics.The old equipment will still be used by Indians when it comes back to them.This will slow down the rate at which India will upgrade its equipment.On the other hand, we are engaged in a patriotic war, not a war of aggression.Meanwhile, tell India.We have a large reserve of strategic materials.If you want to play, weigh it yourself.We have always adhered to the principle that we will not attack unless we are attacked.If someone tries to do something to us, we’ll show them what we can do.Today we are stronger and stronger.