Successor of the Star 2: the vast interstellar space and time, from the new “creation” story

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When I was a child, we often listen to the old man about the story of “Nuwa made man”, so, we once believed that: human should and should only be born on earth.However, the “Successor of the Star” series, let countless people surprised to find that the original interstellar space and time, about the legend of human civilization has another version.The story was edited and published by James P. Hogan, a famous British science fiction writer.A longtime New York Times bestseller, he dropped out of school to study electrical and mechanical engineering and has a penchant for cutting-edge technology and mystery.Therefore, his pen is the character image vivid stereoscopic, plot suspense is fascicular.His writing career reached its peak in 1977 with his debut novel Heir to the Star, which became the most famous work of his life.If the first is the perfect combination of hard science and the case reasoning, make the reader to the extinction of human origin and star people had the new cognition, so today I want to bring you the second part is the humanity and ng star met in 25 million after the perfect, let you to rediscover that familiarity of science fiction, have so a words to say well:”A good-looking skin is all the same, an interesting soul is one in a million.”The second part continues the essence of the first part, still to disaster escape action to open the whole story, with a series of breathtaking escape screen, a brain-burning foreshadowing.The Book appears in the Star people, is a group of tall giants, the native natives of the Planet Huets.Because of some reasons, they had to wander in space for a long time, but after 25 million years, they were lucky to return to the solar system, did not expect that the return unexpectedly met with human beings.No one knows whether it is coincidence or fate, but we can follow the author to truly feel the shock and surprise of the human beings who continue to explore the Jupiter ganymede when they face the appearance of the spaceship.They could not believe that there was another kind of advanced intelligence in interstellar space besides themselves.The encounter of the strong, what kind of spark will collision?Is there any connection between the humans and the Kasins?What kind of evolution and change did the Kaxing people have during their long wandering in the starry sky?Why would gentle they quietly disappear on the planet of Huysen?All of these may only follow the author in the book to find the answer.Of course, the mystery novel will never easily show the answer to the mystery, it requires you to think in the continuous foreshadowing and design, inference summary, and finally through their own wisdom to arrive at the long-awaited answer.Take “Heir to the Star” series for example, no matter which book can rely on its rigorous logical thinking, gripping plot, mysterious reversal of the plot makes people love it, can’t wait to read it.Do you feel the same way?We’ll be waiting in anticipation for Successor to the Star 3.(The end of this article, figure from the network, assault delete!)I am @ Shiyuyu, willing to live with you, talk about resonance, grow with you, see life.Welcome to # sci-fi #