“According to the case,” the colleague said his father was sick and needed money, but he wanted to make a profit before leaving.

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Recently, haidian court closed a fraud case of fabricating his father’s illness and other causes before leaving office, defrauding many colleagues of money, the defendant Zhao was sentenced to 11 months in prison for fraud, fined 5000 yuan, and ordered to refund the economic losses of the victims.In September 2021, Hu went to the public security organ to report to the police that he was working in a hospital and his colleague Zhao borrowed 5500 yuan from him several times on the grounds that his credit card was overdue.After Zhao has been evading that such as a salary to return the money, who knows On September 28 Zhao leave the unit has not been back.Public security organs according to the clue, zhao mou captured in Tianjin.Zhao confessed that he had been preparing to resign from his employer since September and had fabricated the lie that his credit card debt was frozen in order to cheat his colleagues out of some money.After leaving office, Zhao changed his mobile phone number and was lost in contact.After the public security organs continue to investigate, found that Zhao not only to credit card debt on the grounds of fraud, but also to his father sick and in urgent need of money on the grounds of cheating other colleagues 100 yuan to 3000 yuan, a total of more than 10,000 yuan.In the trial, the public prosecution authority presented the defendant’s confession, six victims’ statements, identification records, wechat, Alipay transfer record screenshots, wechat payment transaction details and other evidence materials, that the defendant Zhao’s behavior has constituted the crime of fraud.After the prosecution and defense of both sides of the evidence, the defendant Zhao and the defense of the criminal facts of the case, charges and evidence materials have not raised objections.Zhao mou remorseful to own behavior unceasingly, voluntary confession acknowledges punishment.The court hearing the court after hearing that Zhao mou to illegal possession for the purpose, using fictional facts, concealing the truth of the way to defraud many people of money, the amount is larger, its behavior has constituted a crime of fraud, should be punished according to law.In view of zhao mou to the case and in the process of the trial can truthfully confess their crimes, confess a good attitude, can be given a lighter punishment according to law.Finally, the court made the foregoing judgment.After the verdict, the defendant did not appeal, now the verdict has taken effect.The judge said that nowadays, the society advocates honesty and trustworthiness, and “honesty and trustworthiness” is the public morality that every citizen should abide by.As the saying goes, “a man without faith does not stand”, if you make up reasons to defraud money, think that “hidden” up need not “return money”, not only will reduce their credibility, more likely to be suspected of criminal offences.The judge here reminds borrowers that if they really need to borrow money from others, they must tell each other their true purpose when borrowing money, and do not conceal anything.When the lender asks for loan, do not play “hide and seek cat” more, if cannot pay off at that time, should negotiate with the lender for a period of grace, try to raise money to return money, do not turn an ordinary folk loan case into a criminal fraud case.(all characters in the article are pseudonyms) Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly handle.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com