He was a founding general and had six sons, one lieutenant general and two major generals. His daughter-in-law was a well-known singer

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It is said that a child’s growth environment and the influence of family is very important. A good growth environment and responsible parents will create a better future for their children, but a bad environment will also have a negative impact on the growth of children.In the course of China’s modern history, there was a very famous founding general, who made many indelible contributions to the development of the country. At the same time, his words and deeds all influenced his children. Among his six sons, one is a division lieutenant general and the other is a major general, and his daughter-in-law is a well-known singer.01 Xiao Jinguang who also had in September 1955, our country for those who have made significant contributions to the new China, have put forward the corresponding recognition and awards, he became the founding general, contributed to the development of new China’s own life.The founding general is the famous Xiao Jinguang, he was born in 1903 in Changsha, Hunan province, the economic situation at that time is very general, the family are relying on the income of a small workshop in the home, for this life.Although the family economic situation is not very advantageous, but Xiao Jinguang’s father attaches great importance to education, when Xiao Jinguang was very young, he sent him to study in the new school, received the corresponding education.Xiao Jinguang understood that it was very difficult for his father to send him to receive education, so he paid great attention to the learning of things, dare not have a trace of negligence, also dare not let his father down.So Xiao Jinguang relying on their own efforts to success was admitted to the changsha ChangJun middle school, and became very good friends with jen pi-shih, in this a few years time to learn, Xiao Jinguang not only between the students and get along very well, and the result is also very good, is in the eyes of students good partner, is also a teacher in the eyes of a good student.Later in 1921, Xiao Jinguang and his good friend Ren Bishi decided to go to the Soviet Union to study together, came to the Soviet Union, they all know the economic situation in the home is not so superior as imagined, so they encourage each other, work together to maintain their own study and life.Later, in 1924, Xiao Returned to China from the Soviet Union. After studying in the Soviet Union, he understood the importance of strong military power and comprehensive national strength. After returning to the motherland, he worked diligently and did all his work in perfect order.After that, I was transferred to the Second Army of Guangdong. At first, I thought THAT I had no experience in military work, and the leader would arrange a grass-roots job to adapt myself to it.However, it did not. Because xiao Had studied in the Soviet Union at that time, he had a high level of knowledge and previous work performance, so he was appointed as the party representative of the sixth Division of the second Army.After joining the army, Xiao Janguang’s performance is very outstanding, became an indispensable warrior, in many wars have achieved very good results, especially in the liberation of Changchun campaign, leaving a glorious stroke.By 1948, the KMT had lost its luster, but Chiang kai-shek refused to give up and clung to the Changchun area.So, the Party central Committee decided to send the right man Xiao Jiguang to liberate Changchun, Xiao Jiguang after getting the news, immediately with his partner with one hundred thousand troops came to Changchun.In the face of Chiang Kai-shek’s defense, Xiao Jinguang did not choose to give up, but with their rich experience, developed a lot of corresponding plans, in order not to let the people of Changchun area be hurt, Xiao Jinguang did not choose to storm.He wanted to liberate Changchun through peaceful negotiations, Xiao Jinguang specially told the idea to the superior, after the superior learned the news, said the idea of Xiao Jinguang is very identified.Finally, many Kuomintang troops in Changchun felt that it was useless to fight any more after learning the situation, so many Kuomintang generals chose to surrender. As time went by, many Kuomintang troops chose to surrender.So Xiao Jinguang did not cost a shot, on the liberation of changchun area, he not only successfully liberated the local people, but also did not hurt the people’s lives and property safety, it can be said that kill two birds with one stone.After the founding of new China, Chairman MAO trusted him very much and planned to give the position of navy commander to Xiao Jinguang. At the beginning, Xiao Jinguang did not choose to become a navy commander, because he felt modest that he was not qualified to become a navy commander.Finally, under the persuasion of Chairman MAO, Xiao accepted the position. After becoming commander of the Navy, he did not have any pride and always studied seriously.In addition, Xiao Jinguang is not only very strict with himself, but also very strict with his children.He always bear in mind the sentence that knowledge changes destiny, therefore, Xiao Jinguang attaches great importance to children’s education.It has to be said that Xiao’s careful guidance is very useful, because all of xiao’s six sons have achieved corresponding achievements in their respective fields.Among them, three sons inherited their father’s ideal and became soldiers to protect the country. They made their own achievements in the military field by their own efforts without any relationship with their father.His second son, Xiao Boying, was awarded the rank of lieutenant general by virtue of his own efforts. His fifth son, Xiao Xinhua, and his youngest son, Xiao Jilong, have been quietly struggling in the military field. Now they have been awarded the rank of major general and have a bright future.The most powerful to count Xiao Jinguang’s third son Xiao Zhuoneng, he not only made a very significant outstanding career, but also hold a beauty, married a very famous singer Li Guyi, two people live very happy.In 1989, Xiao Jinguang died at the age of 86. Throughout his life, he made a lot of contributions to the development of the country, contributed a lot to the naval forces of new China, and raised his children to be a pillar of the country.Therefore, living in the era of happiness, we can not forget the efforts of the predecessors, we should learn from them, learn from them diligent, heroic pay for the country’s quality.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!