The front can sit down and take photos. The pure electric power can run 305km in a single trip. Let’s take a look at the KiWi EV

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When you think of a car for young people, who comes to mind?The MINI, with its BMW pedigree, or the sleek, cuddly VW Beetle?Today, I would like to talk to you about a domestic car — KiWi EV, which makes it easier for you to realize your car dream. Yes, this is a pure electric model, priced at 698-78,800 yuan. Not only does it have its own thoughts in appearance design, but also pays attention to the concept of environmental protection in interior decoration.The look of a car for young people is definitely new, and the KiWi EV incorporates architectural geometry into the body, like a small box, in line with the current retro trend.The car has a unique “concave” shape in the middle of the front face, just like two seats, symmetrical left and right, not only can sit here to drink a cup of coffee and soak up the sun, but also a prime position to take photos, saving the trouble of finding the best Angle.The KiWi EV is designed as a “two-tone” split, with the upper and lower parts of the body in contrasting colors, like TWO blocks put together.As can be seen from the side of the car, the car has A perspective triangle window set on pillar A, which effectively reduces the blind area of vision. Pedestrians or obstacles can be seen in time when turning, avoiding accidents. It is very friendly to inexperienced novice drivers.Inside the car, KiWi EV does not design too many elements. Instead, it uses a simple style. A small floating LCD dashboard contains almost all the necessary information for driving.Of course, the most novel is the straw plant fiber material in the position of the door panel and the center console. In addition, the car is equipped with PM2.5 air filter element, which carries out the concept of green environmental protection to the end.Young people are inseparable from electronic products, and they have high requirements for products, and the Baojun Internet of Vehicles 2.0 system, which is standard for all KiWi EV series, can just meet their “picky” eyes.This set of vehicle system has intelligent voice interaction, online kuwo music, Baidu map and other functions, in the use of telephone communication, entertainment and other scenarios support wake-free voice control.Car owners can also achieve remote unlock, remote air conditioning control, booking charging, vehicle status query, bluetooth key and other functions through the new Baojun APP.OTA remote upgrade technology is also standard, just like a smartphone can upgrade the system.If your family and friends are concerned about safety, KiWi EV can also reassure you and them. ESC body stability system, automatic parking, low speed pedestrian warning, direct tire pressure monitoring and other intelligent safety technologies are standard parts of the whole system.It can also have multi-scene intelligent parking system, ACC full-speed adaptive cruise, AEB emergency braking, 360° panoramic image and other higher-order intelligent driving functions, so that young people have a full sense of security.Of course, as a vehicle, information on power and range is also crucial. The KiWi EV is equipped with a standard 40kW high-efficiency motor and has a maximum range of 305km.The car is equipped with the leading McPherson independent front suspension and double horizontal arm independent rear suspension, driving texture is quite good.It is worth mentioning that some models of KiWi EV are equipped with DC quick charge and 220V charging function, which effectively improves charging efficiency and can also provide electricity for picnic or even emergency rescue.As a means of transport, the car is not only a simple tool, but also a reflection of our personality and taste.KiWi EV as a Chinese brand cars, electric power system to make it in many cities to enjoy unlimited, and is not restricted, and free of tax benefits, personality can sat in the front photos look very eyes, interior is filled with contracted and environmental elements, cooperate with various security configuration and the range of 305 km, with strength in the car of the young candidate list.The event will run from February 14, 2022 to February 28, 2022