There is a strange book in English that has no E!

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First, let me ask you a question. Of the 26 English letters, which letter appears most frequently?The answer is “E”.Because there are so many high frequency words that contain the letter E.Such as the definite article “the”, personal words he, she, they, himself, herself, yourself, and the past tense ending of regular verbs “-ed”…This makes e a very visible and indispensable letter.Kange recently learned that such a strange English book, the whole does not appear e letter.You read that right, the title of the novel is GADSBY, which translates to “GADSBY” in Chinese.But not to be confused with another novel, The Great Gatsby, in which The main characters are all named Gatsby.”No E letter” has also become the biggest selling point of this book, let’s look at the cover: 50,000 word novel without the letter “E”According to Wikipedia, the author of the book is Ernest Vincent Wright.In the novel, John Gadsby (John Gatsby), in his 50s, returns to his dilapidated hometown and organizes local youths to transform a sleepy town into a thriving xiangrong city.Beginning in 1906 and spanning World War I, Prohibition and Warren G. Harding’s Administration, the novel presents a vision of early 20th-century America.The literary term for this “avoidance of letters” is called a Lipogram, according to Wikipedia. This can include a whole range of different types of writing.The author goes to great lengths to avoid the e letter.For example, “the” can be replaced with “this” or “that”;He is that man/boy.They can be substituted with folks, etc.When it comes to the past tense of a verb, he uses “did+ verb prototype” instead.”Turkey” would be “Thanksgiving National Bird”…This is a master but why is the author so stubborn?Testing wildly on the edge of my writing ability?Or a New Year’s flag?What happens when you lose truth or Dare?Or some kind of fear of E?In the preface, the author does not forget to make fun of the e letter. It is very interesting.As I wrote along, in long-hand at first, a whole army of little E’s gathered around my desk, all eagerly expecting to be called upon. But gradually as they saw me writing on and on, without even noticing them, they grew uneasy; and, with excited whisperings amongst themselves, began hopping up and riding on my pen, Looking down constantly for a chance to drop off into some word…But when they saw that I had covered 138 pages of typewriter size paper, they slid onto the floor, walking sadly away, arm in arm; but shouting back: “You certainly must have a hodge-podge of a yarn there without *us*! Why, man! We are in every story ever written *hundreds of thousands of times! This is the first time we ever were shut out!…”As I write, a swarm of e letters huddle at my desk, eager to be summoned.But they watched me write and write and didn’t think about them, so they couldn’t sit still, whispering, hoping to get on top of my pen and jump into a word at the right time.It was not until I had finished 138 pages (without using them) that they slid from their desks to the floor, held hands and slouched away, swearing: “You can’t write anything decent without us!We’ve been used thousands of times in other novels!This is the first time we’ve been turned away!Why is that?You fellow!”Hahaha, I can’t help laughing when I translate myself, it’s so funny.But it was such an interesting novel that the publishers didn’t like it at the time, so the author had to publish it at his own expense.Soon after the book was published, the warehouse where it was stored was burned down, costing thousands of dollars for what remained.Decades after its publication, the book is now a public resource because no copyright has been filed.If you are interested in this novel, please pay attention to me and send the word “novel” to me personally. If you send it manually, please wait for a while