Visit Shapingba during Spring Festival and receive this travel reminder!

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The 2022 Spring Festival holiday is approaching, and it is expected that there will be many travel activities during the Holiday, such as going back to hometown to visit relatives, visiting the suburbs and shopping in business areas.On January 28, police in Sand District issued safety tips for travel during the Spring Festival holiday based on comprehensive analysis of road characteristics, scenic spots and weather conditions.Traffic travel prediction: Business circle: it is expected that roads around Sanxia Square (Jinsha Tianjie) such as Xiaolongkan New Street, Xiaolongkan Zhengjie, Tianchen Road, Hanyu Road and Yubei Road will appear time period slow movement during the holiday period from 10 to 18.Scenic spot: It is expected that lingyun Road, Zhuangzhi Road, Tongjiaqiao Main Street around Bai Mansion, Refuse Pit, Ciqikou Scenic Spot and Yongxiang Road, Xilin Avenue around Sunchuang Cultural Tourism City will be concentrated in the slow traffic period from 10 to 18 o ‘clock during the festival.Sacrificial sites: From the first to the fourth day of the first day of the fourth day of the first day of the fourth day of the first day of the fourth day of the fourth day of the fourth day of the mass sacrificial tomb sweeping peak, it is expected that shiqiaopu funeral home, Gele Mountain Garden Cemetery, Songhe Cemetery and other surrounding stone road, provincial road S547, Zhongyuan Road, Maoshan Gorge road and other roads Louie there will be temporary traffic congestion.City access and Chongqing West Railway Station:It is estimated that from 16:00 to 22:00 on January 30 and from 9am to 12am on January 31 (New Year’s Eve) outbound traffic flow peak periods, roads around Chongqing West Railway Station, G5013 Science City Toll Station, Hongjiaofang overpass, Shixiaolu Overpass and other channel nodes connecting urban expressways are prone to lead to periods of congestion slow movement.The peak time of returning traffic is expected to be from 15 PM to 22 PM on February 5 and 6 (the fifth and sixth day of the first lunar month).Refuse Pit, Bai Mansion and other Red Rock connecting scenic spots were offered by appointment, and the opening time during the Spring Festival holiday was different from usual, so tourists were requested to know in advance and make an appointment.Holidays hongyan wire into the scenic spot, magnetic device mouth around town and melting and tour the city refuse pit parking lot, baigongguan parking lot, sand magnetic lane, melting and mau parking lot parking resources nervous, proposal citizen friend city travel as far as possible to take a bus or rail transport and other public transportation, drive vehicles prohibited in the scenic area and business circle around the primary and secondary trunk road parking at random,The traffic patrol will correct the violation in time and tow it when necessary to ensure the smooth road.Accident section of tip: close hospital aoki 212 national road sections, warp/weft avenue pearls segment affected by such factors as the long downhill sections for accidents, dirt road, long distance, a new road, after the trough road and the proportion of the rural roads is relatively narrow, steep slope, also prone to accidents, the driver, please friends watch through the above sections, drive carefully, slow down.Traffic patrol police remind, self-driving travel should ensure good car conditions, master the road conditions along the way in advance, weather conditions, as far as possible to avoid bad weather travel, consciously abide by road traffic safety laws and regulations, not drunk driving, overloading passengers, speeding and fatigue driving and other illegal acts.In the process of driving, if traffic jam should be in line to pass, obey the command of the traffic police on the spot.Driving through sharp curves steep slope, long downhill and wet rain and snow, icy road sections, we should pay attention to observation, strict control of the speed, into the curve should be slowed down in advance, must not rush direction, rush on the brakes, to prevent sideslip.When traveling by bus, please go to the regular station to take the safe and legal operation of passenger vehicles, do not take overcrowding, illegal operation, no license plate and other illegal vehicles, be sure to fasten your seat belt when riding, to avoid accidents when being hurt.Upstream news reporter Tan Yao