What should a father do if he gives his house to relatives for free for ten years and refuses to take it back?

2022-04-27 0 By

Modern Express news (reporter Zhou Ming) “My relatives have been living in our other house for ten years without giving any money.My mom and I want them to move out, and my dad disagrees and is furious. What should I do?”Recently, a netizen asked for help online, saying that his father had given his house to relatives for free for 10 years. He and his mother wanted to take it back, but his father refused to take it back.From the legal point of view, the net friend and its mother have the right to recover the house?According to the netizen’s description, because the house was bought in his father’s name to apply for housing provident fund loan, so the house property certificate wrote his father’s name, but the house was jointly bought by the parents, after the decoration of the relatives to live in ten years, relatives did not give any money.Relatives before two years of demolition, the current family conditions are good, and his home is now in debt, the net friend wants to recover the house with his mother, but was rejected by his father.Xu Hui, a lawyer from Jiangsu Zhongshan Mingjing Law Firm, said that legally speaking, although the house is written in the father’s name, it belongs to the joint property of the couple, so the mother has the right to take back the house, but the netizen does not have the right to dispose of the house.Xu hui said that even if the father does not agree to take back the house, but as the owner of the house, the mother still has the right to ask for the house, the mother can negotiate with relatives, if the negotiation fails, they can Sue relatives to take back the house.