Yongfeng police to help recover 370,000 yuan payment, the parties sent circle of friends to thank

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Recently, Yongfeng County Shaxi Town Chen mood experienced a roller coaster, from happy, excited to worry, disappointed to surprise, excited…Is to send a brocade flag, but also to express gratitude to the police circle of friends.What’s going on here?It all started more than a month ago.In the middle of December last year, in shaxi town operating oil mill business Chen received two customers from Shangrao City yanshan County Zhang mou, Liang Mou, two people have to buy a total of 400 tons of tea dry cake to Chen with the price of 1,650 yuan per ton, because of the purchase of a large number of the tail removed the final agreed payment for goods is about 600,000 yuan.A one-time sale of so many goods, and the price is not cheap, this can make Chen very happy.However, not happy for a few days, Chen mou began to worry.Zhang mou, Liang mou two people in the second day of carrying away tea dry cake hit 230,000 yuan payment for goods to Chen mou, never hit payment for goods.Chen mou calls past, the other party always looks for various reasons to shirk say again slowly.Then he stopped answering his phone.The more Chen thought about it, the more wrong, through a friend’s inquiry, the price of tea withered cake in Yanshan county is about 1450 yuan/ton.Isn’t this a losing proposition?So, feeling disappointed Chen mou held the psychology that tries to report to the police.After receiving the report, the county public Security Bureau Interpol brigade police through a large number of visits to the investigation and comprehensive analysis, soon determined that this is a typical fraud case.After further careful investigation, finally found out all the facts of the case, and arrested the suspect Zhang.Originally, zhang spend more at ordinary times, in order to maintain their own bigger overhead, he conspired with Liang Mou diddle XXL worth about $600000 worth of tea KuBing, commitment at a higher price to buy, the early stage of the price paid for by the agreement of part payment for goods, the late on capital turnover not to want to translate into debt disputes, not fraud victims of illusion, so as to avoid the public security organ.The goods they got were sold at a price lower than the purchase price. Apart from the initial payment of 230,000 yuan, the remaining money was mostly used to pay off debts and splurge.Zhang to the case, the police through work, its relatives actively back stolen goods, advance paid “owed” Chen 370,000 yuan payment.Originally did not hold too much hope Chen received the cheated “payment”, very surprised, excited, specially made a banner to the hands of the police, and the joy and gratitude to share to the wechat circle of friends.At present, the criminal suspect Zhang has been detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law, the police are pursuing another suspect Liang mou, the case is still in further processing.Source: Yongfeng Public Security