Brush screen wechat into a wishing pool, Henan users wish 2022 “pay” don’t “water”

2022-04-28 0 By

As the Spring Festival approaches, many enterprises take this opportunity to give benefits to the netizens. Not to be left behind, 360 company also participated in the procession of the Chinese New Year in the form of word puzzles, and also to warm up the new strategy of “free security new wave”.Can ever think to make a big mistake unexpectedly, sina ineffable innocent, how is that one and the same after all?Actually is our netizen imagination is too rich, 360 official micro yesterday released this spring charade activity, in this activity, the answer is to pay treasure to password envelopes, as long as the friends to participate in activities to guess the riddle can receive 360 to our New Year’s money, so the netizens is also actively involved, are racking their brains to the bottom of the puzzle.Interestingly, however, among the three riddled answers, emoticons, the current most popular form, have been wrongly interpreted by some netizens, who have guessed that “the new wave of free security” has become “360 hammer Sina when you are free”.As a result, such a scene appeared in the comment section, which also made the article spread quickly and attracted a large number of melon farmers to come and watch.However, this is also the most popular way for netizens to play. In fact, it is just for the sake of making a lively scene. 360 should not have thought of making such a big mistake, right?Talented net friend still have greatly place, that day afternoon somebody guess answer to a riddle to still write poem of a hide head this, this farce just comes to an end finally, nevertheless sina innocent also is not deficit, still free ceng heat.Of course, if you look closely at the comments section, in addition to the mystery of this emoticon, another mystery of oracle bone inscriptions has also caused many netizens to give different opinions, and the comments section once turned into a wishing pond.As we all know, the oracle bone script is very extensive and profound. As a kind of pictograph, the same character may have multiple interpretations in different people’s eyes, and there are no small differences with our current Chinese characters, so there are a lot of small mistakes.For example, “new wave” is misunderstood as “raise salary”, but it makes sense. This is also a New Year’s wish of many people, so it has caused a wave of wishes, netizens all over the country have made wishes, the comment section is particularly lively.And this morning, we finally figured out what the “new wave of free security” means.Because 360 finally officially announced, strategic level of new digital security release, at the same time there are billions of red envelopes to help the ice and snow festival, which is also to help the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, but also with small and micro enterprises Spring Festival.This is a big event in the industry. Celebrating the New Year with small and micro enterprises is actually helping the development of small and micro enterprises.Zhou Hongyi has set off a free wave ten years ago. The new free wave released by Zhou Hongyi is a good news for small enterprises engaged in the field of security. With the support of 360, the leading player in the field of security, what do you need to worry about in the New Year?