Jiatian Future New City | One city with seven gardens, unlocking N possibilities for a better life

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Garden is the sustentation of poetic life in the city, and also the living space for people to return to their daily life. Besides creating beautiful scenery, Jiatian Future New Town takes deep and humanized consideration of garden functions, so that it can meet the needs of full-dimension life.By customizing the landscape group of 7 functions, Jiatian Future New Town makes natural and livable life stay in every inch of time in the future new Town.Let the owners in the garden can not only harvest the pleasant experience, but also feel the sense of belonging.When material life becomes more and more abundant, people prefer to decorate their spiritual life with a sense of ritual.Homecoming is a warm word, a transformation of the realm of mind.By observing the living habits of the owners and analyzing the moving lines and contacts between people and space, Jiatian Future New Town shapes the reverential homecoming etiquette with the mid-axis symmetrical welcoming landscape tree array and the integration of modernist sculpture water system.A journey close to nature is a paean to life in the main city.The scenery in the building is not only a spectator, but also a participant. With the increasing improvement of life quality, people’s pursuit of community garden functions is more exquisite.Jiatian Future New Town will create a landscape meeting room with birdsong and fragrance of flowers and lingering nature.Semi-enclosed design, shelter from wind and rain, equipped with seats for rest, endows owners with a sense of social experience surrounded by nature, allowing residents to relax and receive friends without leaving the community.Here feel light and fragrance, enjoy the rare slow life.Jiatian Future New Town considerate planning of the elderly health garden, enrich the spiritual life of the elderly.In the morning, they take a leisurely exercise in the exclusive fitness field, surrounded by trees, shrubs and other vegetation. Parents stroll among them and bathe in the fresh oxygen air, slowly enjoying a leisurely old age life.Play is a child’s nature, but also an important part of growth.Jiatian · Future New City chooses safe and environmentally friendly materials to design the children’s growth garden. In areas with suitable sunlight and good ventilation, it sets up different recreational facilities such as climbing interactive devices, 3D sculpture interactive devices, slides and seesaws, so that children can fully release their nature.The theme park with vigor blue tone not only increases childlike fun, but also stimulates children’s talent.Surrounded by green plants, sunshine lawn covered, explore the natural language, enjoy the happy time, give children more vigorous vitality and health atmosphere.Young people love sports, more love life.Jiatian Future New Town carefully set up a youth fitness area for young people, hidden in the community gardens, there is no loud and noisy traffic and safety risks, only beautiful environment and convenient close to home.Morning dawning, invite friends here to welcome the sunrise together, appreciate the birds’ song and fragrance of flowers, and feel the vitality and sunshine of life.The effect picture “quiet path” is the preferred image of ancient literati poetry, Li Bai once wrote: green bamboo into the quiet path, green luo brush clothing.The city of the Future also has such elegant quiet trails.Wan Mu early sheng, strewn at random.Enter along the flowers and plants, walk along the path, feel a scene step by step in the lush forest, winding path tongyou, layer upon layer of light and shadow garden scene.With the improvement of life quality, more and more families and individuals are keen on keeping pets.However, people have to face the lack of pet facilities in the community, and the possible conflict or discord between pets and the community environment.The garden landscape of Jiatian Future New Town takes into account all dimensions of life needs and community equipment, so that pets can better integrate into family and community life, meet the personalized needs of owners, and make pets live in harmony with people and the community.From children’s play, to youth sports and social activities, to leisure and health care for the elderly, and even special places for cute pets, Jiatian Future New Town considers the needs of a better life from all dimensions, and arranges 7 garden systems to make each family happy in their residence and make the home truly a place of return.