Unified action, Shandong Weihai to carry out pre-holiday market price monitoring and inspection

2022-04-28 0 By

China’s development network To timely, accurately grasp market prices during the holiday, implement well during the Spring Festival for stabilizing price, epidemic prevention and control and emergency price monitoring during the Beijing Olympics, weihai in shandong province development and reform commission, unified organization arrangement, on the city’s large business super, professional wholesale market, market, etc. To carry out the market price monitoring patrol activities before.On January 30, the city’s price monitoring personnel were divided into 4 groups, respectively to huancui District, Wendeng District, Rongcheng City, Rushan city, large supermarkets, professional wholesale markets, farmers markets, price monitoring and inspection of important consumer goods.Communicate with owners about market supply and price changes.Price monitors focused on the supply and storage, price trends and future trends of 55 consumer goods, including grain, oil, meat, eggs and vegetables.According to the inspection, the prices of some meat, eggs and vegetables rose slightly due to the market demand of the festival.At present the festival market commodity supply is sufficient, the price is basically stable.Will continue to pay close attention to the festival market price changes.Price monitoring in the whole city workers continue to carry forward “I am a hard, happiness thousands” of the price monitoring work spirit, give up the holiday with their family, increase the inspect frequency during the festival, continue to focus on the market price of the festivals and events change, if discover the abnormal price fluctuations in the first report, ensure price stability in the market of the people and peaceful happiness of the holiday season.(Weihai Development and Reform Commission)