Update!!!February 2: Eleven free nucleic acid testing sampling sites were set up in Futian District

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To facilitate nucleic acid testing, Futian district set up 11 free nucleic acid testing sampling sites on February 2 to provide services for residents.Tips: The list of free nucleic acid testing sampling sites and testing time will be dynamically adjusted according to the actual situation. Please continue to pay attention to it. In order to avoid running out of space, please do not go too early or too late.* Please continue to pay attention to the message area of our official account. If there is any change in the sampling point, we will post relevant information at the top.Nucleic acid testing should pay attention to the following six points: (1) People who have received COVID-19 vaccine within 48 hours should not be sampled;② When waiting in line, do not gather together and keep a distance of “1 meter”;③ Before the first person is wearing a mask, those in the queue behind should not come forward;(4) Do not touch the items on the operating table of medical staff with your hands, let alone leave your mobile phone, keys, ID cards and other personal belongings on the table;⑤ After the sampling, do not spit in the garbage can next to it, which is easy to cause infection.The sample swab is sterile and drool can be swallowed directly after sampling.⑥ After sampling, you should immediately go home and wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer according to the “seven-step washing technique”.One confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported in Shenzhen on 31 January.Three new cases were reported in Shenzhen on Feb 1, bringing the total number of “0131” cases to four.Once again, we remind citizens that personal hygiene protection measures must be taken in daily life and we must not relax