Where did the shouling boy learning to walk in Handan come from?Someone you can’t imagine

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This idiom describes a person who imitates others blindly, not only failing to learn real skills, but losing his own.This idiom comes from an allegory in Zhuangzi: “He alone did not hear of his husband shouling. The rest of his sons went to Handan to study.The protagonist of the story is a “surplus son” who came to Handan to learn to walk. Where is Shouling?What does yu Zi mean?Cheng Xuanying of the Tang Dynasty, in his commentary on Zhuangzi, once explained, “Shouling is the city of Yan;Handan is the capital of Zhao.Weak age is not strong, that is, the rest of the son, zhao capital, its vulgar can do, so yan young people come far to learn to walk.”In his interpretation, Shouling was a city in the State of Yan, and Yuzi was a boy. The boy who came to learn to walk was a boy in the state of Yan.This explanation is used in various later stories.But Zhuangzi also mentioned a sentence, “have not obtained the national ability”, what does this sentence mean?This sentence is to say that they failed to learn the skills of city people, who are called countrymen, and country people are called savages.This remark was clearly directed at the toddler, who, being a country man, had failed to acquire the skills of a city man.By contrast, it is obvious that this toddler is also from the State of Zhao, not from the state of Yan. If he were from the State of Yan, it would not be said that he failed to get the state of Zhao, but that he failed to get the state of Zhao.In fact, there was a place called Shouling near Handan at that time.It is recorded in shiji · zhao family :(marquis su) “fifteen years, shouling”.Marquis Su was the marquis of Zhao Su, whose name was Zhao Yu. Few people knew him, but his son was very famous, and he was King Woling of Zhao.Fifteen years after he ascended the throne (355 BC), Marquis Zhao began to build a mausoleum for himself, which lasted for nine years until 346 BC.The tomb was so large that when he died, more than 10,000 people from the five states of Qin, Chu, Yan, Qi and Wei came to attend his funeral.”Records of the Grand Historian” specifically records this point, so we can see how big the tomb was at that time, how luxurious it was, and how influential shouling was in Handan at that time.Let’s talk more about yu Zi.In fact, Yuzi does not mean “young”. It is a concept in the ancient military system. In ancient times, according to the military system, one person in each household was the official soldier and the others were the envy soldiers, which was called Yuzi.Roughly equivalent to a reserve army.The mausoleum was to be guarded by the army, and this man was obviously one of the reserve soldiers guarding the mausoleum.He had nothing to do, came to the city to play, liu Grandma into the grand view park, learn how to walk, did not learn, the result led to their own become a joke.According to Ma Xulun’s research, Zhuangzi was born between 369 BC and 359 BC and died around 286 BC. His time coincided with the tomb of Zhao Suhou, the most famous mausoleum at that time.