2.11KPL debut: XYG will have personnel rotation, if AG loses, Cat god will lose “breathing right”

2022-04-29 0 By

February 11 is the third game day of week 1 of the 2022 KPL Spring Regular season.There will be 3 KPL matches on this game day, which are hero vs. EDGM, AG vs. LGD and Wolves vs. XYG.Now, KPL league has announced the starting lineups of 6 teams participating in 3 games.I have to say XYG’s sudden switch was a bit of a surprise, and The cat was supposed to be the one under the most pressure. If AG loses the game, he will lose the right to breathe.What’s going on?Shall we take a look?Hero long race against EDGM (both sides have a change in the first) hero long race starting lineup compared to last season, in addition to fearless and long cool, the other three positions are replaced (east, purple fantasy, a sheng), and the outside world is rumored purple fantasy and east these two new players are unlimited,In addition to hero long race this period of time training games quite good, feel EDGM ominous.EDGM’s starting line-up has changed a bit compared to last season (Lime, Yuan, Ming, ROC, Ran), but it’s likely to be the same.LGD geese completed their season debut on the opening day, and they easily defeated DYG 3-0, so their starting lineup naturally continues to remain unchanged, still junzhao, Blue cat, Jianxin, Jiangcheng, xiaobei.And the outside world has long discussed the AG super play will be the first lineup is finally surfaced: Azer, early morning, laughing, a nuo, Cat god.Yes, it is accompanied by laughing images and cat gods, rather than jiu Cheng and ai Si.It was a bit of a surprise when Elvis returned to the lineup and was expected to come off the bench.And it must be said that LGD goose’s starting assistant, Xiaobei, happened to be one of the AG super games last season.There is no doubt that The cat god is the biggest pressure, if AG super play with LGD big goose this battle if lost, he will directly lose the right to breathe, small north, Ai si inside and outside the attack, but also really bad ah!XYG vs. Wolf Team (XYG starting lineup has been changed) XYG’s starting lineup is: Kukai, September, Ling Meng, Xiu Dou, and Yimen, while Wolf team’s starting lineup is: Flying cow, Jinyu, Xiangyu, Demon Knife, Fan Fan.Originally, everyone thought XYG and Wolves should be the same, the starting lineup should not change, never thought, as usual is wolves, XYG side unexpectedly changed!XYG’s first auxiliary replacement, replaced the transfer period just bought a door (a dream).It seems XYG is going to continue to hit the ceiling!XYG vs Wolves is on the line, so it’s hard to say.Guys, what do you think of the 6 starting lineups for the 3 KPL games on February 11th?Why don’t you guys make some predictions about the game?Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!Be there or be square in the comments section!For more exciting content, come to the King of Rain fans