“All Star 3″ Tian Yining agent voice!”It hurts to try and get dirty”

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Reporter Chen Qixiu/comprehensive report artist Tian Yining participated in the “All-star Games 3” to join the blue team, in the throw of shot put caused by the red team raised foul questions, the program fans are also criticized by the audience.Earlier, Tian’s manager issued a lengthy response, saying: “It is not only unfair but also hurtful to use a temporary emotion to upset others’ efforts for a long time and throw mud on them.”Tian Yining threw the shot put when the red team raised foul questions.(Photo/Photo taken on Facebook/All Star Games) The manager said that the red and blue teams had already resumed their interaction with each other. Regarding the controversy over the way tian Yining, one of their artists, threw the shot put, the manager said, “It is because I failed to fully understand my qualifications during the learning process.Learning is not fine is absolutely in accordance with ning in just a week to tuanlian three competition projects face the biggest challenge, in accordance with ning is duty bound “, emphasize Tian Yining early to late to redouble efforts, always strive to be good to others to make up for their shortcomings, “but not sorry who!”When a fan of the red team was asked to apologize for tian yining’s substandard scoring for the blue team, his agent replied: “The blue team won’t accept it! The referee won’t change it! The red team won’t be satisfied!”Agent, after much consideration, think an apology only full more harm, “is a dozen face coaches teach bad? Overturn the referee’s decision publicly? Or improper means making unit partial temple? Or can ask the blues’ trophy return? Or for any substantial help? The red team for each one of a powerless broadcast the fact, try to ask even to jump which hole? You choose.”The goodwill of all walks of life, the broker said Tian Yining cherish, but endless provocation will not be appeasement, “the development of this event in accordance with ning from beginning to end have no choice, so the future no longer reply to the relevant issues!Brokers led the 309th clause of criminal law, means a person, an affront to detention or a fine of 9000, and paragraph 2 of article 310 of the “aggravated defamation,” remind users to avoid, including private inquiry call names also violated the responsibility of the damages of personality right, warning false account can through the Internet police in accordance with the IP position tracking find out keyboard hand behind the scenes,At the end of the article, the telephone number of the legal adviser was released, indicating that the attitude of cyber bullying will not be tolerated.Tian Yining agent voice.Dear visitors, I am tian Yining’s agent.We heard both sides of the debate after Sunday’s all-star Games broadcast!Thank you for your encouragement and advice!We do not need to worry, the red and blue team smoke has already disappeared with the busy record of the group training and return to the original interaction.We will no longer worry about the “throwing posture” of shot put. The release points, angles and so on mentioned by everyone are far beyond our understanding of beginners.Way for throwing opponents made up the controversy, is in the process of learning have not been able to achieve full understanding of problems of qualifications, learning not jing is in accordance with the better within a week to yong ying biggest challenges faced by the three events, in accordance with the job, only adhere to consult modestly, industry recognition, early or stay late redouble our efforts, and constantly strive for others to make up the deficiency.But I didn’t apologize to anyone!It is not only unfair but also hurtful to use temporary emotion to upset the efforts of others for a long time.‼️ red pink request because the action in the schedule is not standard for the blue team score need to apologize!On behalf of the following reply: Blue powder will not accept!The referee will not change his call!Pink will still not be satisfied!After many thoughtful reviews, many considerations under the thought that apology is only full of damage: is hitting the face of the coach taught poorly?Overturn the public judgment of the referee?Or does it mean that the production unit is improperly tilted?Or can you claim the Blue Team trophy back?Or does it actually help the red team in any way?For a powerless broadcast of the fact that which hole to jump into?Please choose.I will not continue the polite appeasement of endless provocation.The development of this event in ning from beginning to end have no choice, so the future no longer reply to the relevant issues!Wanxie arbitrary road bullying!To all the little brothers and sisters: The elements of public insult are actually very simple. According to the above definition, as long as “people can hear, see and know”, the words and deeds of “degrading personality, reputation and dignity” to people can be established.The crime of public affront is also valid in the online world, as long as it meets the requirements.Once screenshots search card can be criminal law seriously the 309 report!★ Insult does not specify specific facts, but the purpose is to make people feel embarrassed and uncomfortable in the spiritual and psychological level, and even will cause personal reputation damage words/texts/images abuse, ridicule, behavior, not limited to the three Chinese characters, including negative adjectives, analogy or any abusive words are “insult”.According to Article 309 of the Criminal Law: those who insult others publicly shall be sentenced to detention or fined up to 9,000 yuan for aggravated defamation (Article 310 (2) of the Criminal Law).Any person who, with intent to make public, denounce or report anything that may damage the reputation of another person is guilty of libel and is liable to imprisonment of not more than one year, detention or a fine of not more than 500 yuan.Whoever disseminates words or pictures and commits the crime mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years, criminal detention or a fine of not more than 1,000 yuan.(emphasis is accompanied by a lifetime of criminal record) PS. Private abuse, but also infringement of personal right damage compensation liability: Civil law 184 tort + Civil law 195 infringement of personal right.False accounts can be tracked by the network police according to THE IP location of the same catch up!!(If you have any questions, please contact The legal counsel of Tian Yining Brokerage company: lawyer of Xinli International Law Firm 02-2577 3330)