Financial Accounting statistics Dongbei University of Finance and Economics life-changing three majors which do you like

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Prose/ear ink original northeast university of finance and economics JiaoBu I love his Alma mater, thank you for send me success into “days as a bird to fly high, sea rich by diving” the journey I’m in the northeast university of finance and economics has read accounting bachelor, financial professional, Ph.D., in addition to the middle finally in a three years of an MBA, spent seven years in the northeast university of finance and life’s most precious time of youth.The beautiful campus located in dalian Xinghai Park, the teachers of virtue and art, the lively and lovely students, the warm library, and the hill named Erjian Mountain, which can see the sunrise on the sea along the tree-lined path, accompanied me to the wonderful time full of fantasy in the sea of knowledge.Now recall, feeling myriad, nostalgia leisurely.Thanks to my Alma mater, sent me to the “sky high as birds fly, sea wide by diving” life journey!Accounting major is my passive choice of college major, but with this to earn money for life’s first love during the study of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, I was interested in the two majors of finance and statistics set up by the school at that time, the popular accounting major in the society was not cold, think “an abacus and a pen dry this line of no future”!But the fate of god, let me enter the industrial accounting major.At the beginning, the resistance is relatively big, every day to the library to see “Capital”, “political economy”, “mathematical statistics”, “finance”, see tired to see “people’s Pictorial”, “the public movie”, never see accounting professional books.Later, under the guidance and cultivation of ouyang Qing, a famous professor of accounting in China at that time, I gradually developed a strong interest in accounting, and my accounting study gradually got on the right track with good grades.However, I still have a special preference for finance and statistics.I have never been sympathetic to the accounting major, but I have studied finance and statistics by myself in a large amount of spare time and personal rest time of accounting major.Everything comes to him who waits, which is of great help to my rapid adaptation and growth.When I started working, I did statistical work first and then other senior management jobs.Based on my study experience in Dongbei University of Finance and Economics and the learning experience of my favorite major, combined with my future work practice, I like finance, statistics and accounting the most. If you work hard in these three majors, you will have a high chance of employment and career success, and the industry income is considerable among the peers.Of course, other majors in Dongcai University are also very good. There are no bad majors in Dongcai University, only students who don’t study hard.These three majors are just my personal favorites.The three majors of finance, statistics and accounting in the teaching building of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics have given me the milk to grow up successfully. They are so rich and abundant. The accounting major makes people careful and understand that money is to balance income and expenditure.The characteristic of accounting knowledge is fine, one brushstroke original proof, one sheet of report form, one financial report form, make a person giddy head bilges in study stage, make lose three and four.On top of that, when it comes to financial analysis, you have to make sense of a lot of numbers to pass.There is no cold window to study hard, where there is plum blossom!The study of accounting major, in terms of personal life accomplishment, learned to do things carefully, learned that money is to balance income and expenditure, benefit for a lifetime.Statistics is the law of large numbers, based on probability theory.The study of statistics made me accustomed to the knowledge of considering and observing things from a macroscopic point of view on the basis of meticulous accounting.The input-output table, created by Nobel Prize winner Leontief, is created by observing and calculating a large number of statistics.The study of finance makes people familiar with the principle and truth of money, capital, circulation and money begets money in their youth.In particular, he learned early on that financial risks are terrible.Understand the importance of money to the whole economic and social life, especially to personal life and one’s whole life.All in all, these three majors are the closest, most practical and realistic to our daily life.These three majors are all working in major banks, securities companies, China Banking Regulatory Commission and China Securities Regulatory Commission, contributing their whole life.Northeast university of finance and the gymnasium in addition to normal heavy strain of learning life, I’m in the northeast university of finance and economics is the most unforgettable, leisure time to close to the school of dalian xinghai park to see the sea, to can see a school dormitory heroitte reef area dig shells and sea clams, lucky also can pick up from the offshore farms to float to the sea of leaves, cut back into the silk is very good.Then often before dinner, about a few good students special about the more beautiful girls, together with the red sunset, to the beach for a walk, look at the sunset, looking forward to a better life after graduation.Sometimes has been playing until the day has been dark, lanterns on, linger, that is the student under the lantern, fresh memories.In the morning, get up early, go to see the sunrise over the sea on the erjian Mountain, the red sun from the sea level, and then jump out of the sea level, rising into the sky, a brilliant light.See sunrise is generally more boys, evening shopping xinghai park is boys and girls half, northeast University of Finance and Economics girls and boys ratio is 5 than 2, girls, boys, especially strange is that the girls are beautiful, boys are more general.On the northeast university of finance and Economics of the general like boys pull a beautiful girl as a daughter-in-law, really not very difficult!Ha ha!Dongbei University of Finance and Economics Stadium your love is my happiness!