Jue enjoy New Year MG6 series models open year pet fans present

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Have you placed an order for this Spring Festival?”Wool saving strategies, but also” tide “MG look!Since January 1, MG6 series models officially opened to enjoy the New Year’s gift activities, during the activity to buy a car “send ten thousand yuan of rights and interests gift package + limited time to give strong insurance + car blind box” limited 6888 copies, while sending out;All customers who come to the store can draw a lucky draw for the New Year’s Gift blind box, 100% win the prize, “trench” to ridiculous, see who can catch this year’s koi!Buying a new car, celebrating the New Year, enjoying the New Year gift delivery, ing annual Lunar New Year shopping festival, can be called the brand “pet fan festival”.As a popular player in the automotive industry and a fanatic in the fan industry, MG has prepared a series of lavish gifts for MG6 series of models. All of them are sincere!From now to January 30, users can participate in the “Enjoy the New Year car gift package” activity by booking cars in any official channels, and the gifts can be exchanged when they pick up the car.Recently, the third generation OF MG6 PRO bubble Orange body color won the CMF design Award, this is after the third generation of MG6 track green color award, MG won the award again.CMF Design Award is a large and professional CMF award in the field of color material. The third generation OF MG6 PRO bubble Orange stood out from the entries in the industry. Its gold content is self-evident, and once again proves the leading strength of the third generation of MG6 PRO sports aesthetics.CMF Design Award is dedicated to CMF (color, material, process, pattern) special award, by the authoritative design, industry and research institutions of well-known experts, from innovation, beauty, function, environmental protection and other aspects of strict selection,It is the authoritative award for the recognition of the innovative value, social value, humanistic value and commercial value of the winning works.The exhibition works come from various industries, covering automobile, mobile phone, 3C and other consumer electronics, home appliances, household appliances and other fields.Winning the design award again is attributed to MG’s bold breakthrough and exquisite technology.MG’s new 20+ film-tech artisan float paint process enables bubble orange color matching with four highlights of “thick, bright, long and clean”, that is, the Film thickness exceeds the industry standard 20μm, 20° gloss value is greater than or equal to 93, after more than 20 months of Florida natural exposure strict control, effective reduction in the manufacturing process?Carbon dioxide emissions of more than 20%.The enthusiastic and bright sparkling orange created by the third generation MG6 PRO extends the color boundary of the car, exudes vigorous youthful vitality and dynamic, and stimulates the sports passion of drivers.Driving a bubbly orange sports coupe brings the driver to life, as if he were back in his exuberant boyhood, with unlimited imagination, physical strength and mental strength.Whether it is in the dull afternoon or tired late at night, seeing him or her is like injecting a fresh spring into the heart of the motive force.As the preferred sports coupe for young people, the third generation MG6 PRO not only has outstanding color, but also has the product performance of sports aesthetics PRO, sports performance PRO, science and technology performance PRO, sports quality PRO, 16 sports high-energy BUFF, official mass production real 100 km acceleration 7.83 seconds and so on.To fully meet young people’s multiple demands for sports coupe, such as strong power, ultra-high appearance level, high quality and intelligent technology.In the future, MG will continue to respond to the aspirations of young people with “high-tech products” and lead the development trend of young people with more new products, new services and new interactions.At the same time, MG will also create more avant-garde design, please look forward to.The event will run from February 19, 2022 to February 20, 2022