De-escalation?Wang Yi quickly spoke out on the latest news between Russia and Ukraine

2022-04-30 0 By

According to media reports, along with Russia and Ukraine conflict of continuous fermentation, NATO suddenly began to increase pressure on Russia’s military, in addition, there are nearly 8500 U.S. troops are ready to start at any time, at the same time also prepare a lot of goods, once the news is reported, directly caused great repercussions in the international community.It’s worth noting that Russia already has a large military presence on the Ukrainian border, and any movement at this point could easily trigger a war.It is worth mentioning that the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia and other countries began to arrange the evacuation of their embassies in Ukraine when NATO continued to put pressure on the Russian border, which led many people to speculate that the possibility of war is still very high.However, while the world is worried about the situation between Russia and Ukraine, there is a new news from the two countries recently.It is understood that not long ago, in order to ease the current tension in Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany held a meeting, in the talks, Russia and Ukraine together reached an agreement.It is understood that during the talks, the countries first agreed that the “Normandy model” is the basis of the Minsk agreement. Moreover, during the talks, the countries said that they will take a series of measures in the future to reduce the current differences.It is worth noting that the four countries participating in the talks have expressed their support for the ceasefire measures agreed on 22 July 2020 as the principle to be followed first and foremost, and this agreement has been reached to some extent to ease the tension in Ukraine.In any case, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on the outcome of the four-party meeting that he wanted to fundamentally solve the current problems in Ukraine or solve them from the Minsk agreement.China is very supportive of the Minsk Agreement, which integrates a document recognized by all countries and is the best way to solve the current Ukrainian problem.In addition, Wang yi also called on Russia and Ukraine to be rational and calm down before solving the problem, so as to better stabilize the current situation and avoid the outbreak of war.Especially under the current international situation, countries should solve problems in a reasonable way. At the same time, they should not harm the interests of other countries for the sake of one country’s own interests. This not only damages the interests of other countries, but also easily leads to disputes.Partial reference news: international travel island business daily