Finance “March 15” hunan Branch of Your Life Insurance invites you to learn eight rights and interests of financial consumers

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Rednet moment March 15 – (correspondent Zhang Hang) in order to continuously strengthen the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests, strengthen consumer education, to maintain economic and financial safety, everyone life Insurance Co., LTD. Hunan branch sincerely invites you to study “eight rights and interests of financial consumers”, effectively safeguard their own rights and interests.In 2015, issued by The General Office of the State Council on strengthening financial guidance of consumers’ rights and interests protection, clear the behavior standards of financial institutions to consumers’ rights and interests protection work, require financial institutions to fully respect and consciously safeguard the financial consumers of property rights, the right to know and to choose eight basic rights, such as, compliance to carry out business activities in accordance with the law.Article 1 Financial institutions shall, in accordance with law, ensure the property safety of financial consumers in the process of purchasing financial products and receiving financial services.A financial institution shall operate prudently, establish strict internal control measures and scientific technical monitoring means, strictly distinguish between its own assets and those of customers, and shall not misappropriate or occupy customer funds.Safeguard the financial consumers’ right to know: promise don’t swallow returns, risk hint to see financial institutions shall be in plain language, timely, true, accurate and comprehensive to consumer financial disclosure may affect its decision-making information, fully prompt risk, shall not release exaggerated product yield, cover products, such as fraud risk information, not making false and misleading propaganda.To ensure that financial consumers can make their own choices:Strong sell advertising to choose to remember financial institutions shall, in the laws, regulations and regulations allow range, fully respect the financial consumers will, by the consumers to choose its own, decide whether to buy financial products or financial services for, shall not be sold, and shall not violate the financial consumers intend to sell products and services, or attach other unreasonable conditions shall not be,No misleading means shall be used to induce financial consumers to buy other products.Guarantee financial consumers’ right to fair trade:The terms of the contract to see, deal with business enjoy equal financial institutions shall not be used in violation of the principle of fair trade conditions, shall not be in the format contract is aggravating financial consumers responsibility, restrict or exclude its legal rights, and may not restrict the financial consumers seek legal relief way, shall not reduce or exempt from this institution damage the financial consumers’ legitimate rights and interests shall bear civil liability.Safeguard consumer financial claims in accordance with the law: surrender black owned alert, liquidation in accordance with the high efficiency financial institutions shall handle the main responsibility to implement financial consumer complaints, multi-tiered complaint handling mechanism are established within the organization, improve the complaints handling procedures and establish complaint dealing with query system, improve the quality of financial consumer complaint handling and efficiency, accept social supervision.Guarantee financial consumers’ right to education:Earnest learning financial knowledge, risk prevention to remember financial institutions should further strengthen the financial consumer education, actively organize or participate in financial literacy activities, extensive and sustained daily financial consumer education, help improve the financial consumers of financial products and services of cognitive ability and self protection ability, improve financial consumer financial literacy and honest consciousness.Financial institutions shall respect the personal dignity and ethnic customs of financial consumers and shall not discriminate against financial consumers based on their gender, age, race, ethnicity or nationality.Financial institutions shall take effective measures to strengthen the management of third-party cooperative institutions, clarify the rights and obligations of both parties, strictly prevent and control the risk of information disclosure of financial consumers, and ensure the information security of financial consumers.