How high is the pension of the official level retiree?Can it exceed 10,000 yuan a month?

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As someone who has worked in the system for many years, I can tell you that there are some places where people can get a pension of more than 10,000 yuan after retirement, but in most places it is very difficult.Will tell to tell what concept is official of formal division grade after all first.How big is your current position?After the reform of the civil service system, it can no longer be described by the official division level.We should distinguish post and rank first, post refers to the cadre of actual duty generally, can be understood simply as the civil servant of official position.The official posts are usually the head of a county, secretary of the county Party Committee, director of the county people’s Congress, etc. In a large county with hundreds of thousands of people, there are only a few official posts. You should be able to see how difficult it is at the grassroots level.The head of a department in a prefecture-level city is usually also in office, such as the director of the finance Bureau of a prefecture-level city, the secretary of the Party Group of the Civil Affairs Bureau, etc.More special is the public security bureau, prefecture-level city public security bureau chief often concurrent as vice mayor, so their position can reach the deputy hall.Last but not least, more than 95% of civil servants across the country are unable to do their jobs. To be sure, a large number of civil servants have been eliminated after multiple rounds of screening, such as written tests and interviews.Real jobs on TV may not feel great, but in real life they don’t.After the reform, the ranks of civil servants are divided into many, for those who have official posts, they can directly enjoy the treatment of official posts.But after all, there are few officials, and there is another way to go.Level of civil servants is not conflict with the job, after the reform of rank is divided into the following categories: secondary section head, first class staff, quaternary section head, director of the tertiary and secondary section head, primary section head, level 4 researcher, tertiary research, secondary research and primary research, secondary inspector, the inspector.The so-called office level treatment refers to the level of two or one level of researchers can enjoy the salary treatment, from which it can be seen that from the second section to become two level of researchers to go through a lot of levels.Do officeholder in the unit with a few higher levels, have graduate student record of formal schooling to be able to be determined directly 4 class director section member, enjoy deputy branch treatment.Even so, one has to go through many levels to become a researcher above level 2.It’s easier to get the job than it is to get the job, but it’s relatively simple.As a matter of fact, many civil servants only reach the rank of third-level director a year before they retire, and this is where leaders take care of old comrades who are about to retire.Deputy division level (three, four researchers) is the ceiling of the vast majority of people, really can achieve two researchers also do a few years of deputy office of practical people, is very difficult to be promoted to two researchers and above.How much pension can two level researcher get after retirement?You should be able to understand one point, enjoy the department level treatment at least before retirement to become a secondary researcher.So how much money do the lucky ones get?The difference between regions is huge, as is the level of pensions in different regions.The average pension in Shanghai is more than 4,300 yuan, while the average pension in the central and western regions is less than 3,000 yuan.This is also normal, Shanghai’s economy and price level is not comparable to the central and western regions.The pension gap is also very large.The annuities of 4 class researcher of Shanghai every month has been able to achieve 10 thousand yuan, 2 class researcher is too relaxed 10 thousand yuan.Second-level researchers in economically developed regions such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Wuxi have similar pensions to those in Shanghai.But other areas cannot reach, no matter be two level researcher or one level researcher retires can get 8000 yuan of annuities every month already pretty good.Of course, after the increase of the next few years should be more than 10,000 yuan, but the local average pension level will also have a large increase in a few years.The economy of most parts of China has not yet reached the development level of first – and second-tier cities, which means that most of the retired civil servants at the department level cannot receive a monthly pension of more than 10,000 yuan at this stage.The above reply hope to be useful to you, welcome to pay attention to, praise Wang Wu said your support is the best encouragement to the original!