“The world” call brother thirty years, debao but because of one thing with bingkun antagonize, too tied to the heart

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Following the arrest of Gong Bin’s uncle Gong Weize and the imprisonment of Tang Xiangyang for his “lover” boss Zeng Shan, Zhou Bingyi was also in trouble. He was accused of corruption because of the demolition work he was in charge of.Zhou Bingkun’s son Zhou Cong told Zhou Bingkun about the incident. He said that the provincial discipline inspection commission had received a lot of letters denunciation of his uncle, which were like snowflakes of letters.And there are also cao Debao, he was also named expose, he exposed Zhou Bingyi use of power to Xiao Guoqing, Sun Qiaoqiao and often progress house.Zhou Bingkun listened to very angry, he could not believe it, his son lost his temper, said he was nonsense, but also did not let him believe.Chow couldn’t believe it because he had been friends with the Depows for decades and owed them a lot.A, Zhou Bingkun and Debao, Chunyan have decades of friendship Cao Debao and Lv Chuan is the sauce factory slag workshop workers, bingkun is the relationship between CAI Xiaoguang into the sauce factory.Slag workshop conditions are not good, there are two old slag workers have rheumatic heart disease, one died not long ago, and another became an old patient, what work can not do, occasionally work, the factory can only arrange him to guard the door.For Cao Debao and Lu Chuan, the fate of the two old slag workers will be their fate.If there were new people into the slag workshop, they may have been transferred away from the possibility, but it happened to be through the back door, the background is very hard bingkun into the slag workshop.This for Debao and Lv Chuan, is not a good thing, because in this way, can go out of the slag workshop will not be the two of them, so they two sincerely isolated Zhou Bingkun, often provocation, crowded against him.Later in the mediation of Sun Catch up and Xiao Guoqing, Debao and Lv Chuan just changed the view of bingkun, five people became very good brothers, later also joined Tang Xiangyang, Gong Bin, often progress.They often get together at Bingkun’s house on the third day of the lunar New Year.Also in bingkun house party, Debao met Qiao Chunyan, is bingkun his mother to facilitate the marriage of two people.Dbo is arguably closer to Byung Kun than the others.Two, Debao with Chunyan something, bingkun spare no effort to help Cao Debao father died, he quarreled with Chunyan, to the point of divorce, because of his father’s illness, the couple owed a lot of debt.Therefore, Chunyan advocated sending Debao’s mother back to his aunt in rural Jilin province. His aunt was the only family member left in his mother’s family.According to the original story, Chunyan thought it was right for her to take care of her old brother-in-law after her husband passed away, so that she could pay the rent and repay her debts.Debao after listen to but fly into a rage, scold Chunyan too unconscionable, he questioned Chunyan, that is not equal to the old father’s bones not cold abandoned mom does not raise?Sister to take care of elder sister in line with the common sense, the son abandoned his mother do not know what should be the crime?He talked about his years of the door, how good to Chunyan parents, for chunyan home out of the number of force to do how much work, Chunyan should not be too bad conscience.Chunyan because to divorce to find bingkun to help mediate, bingkun to lead the performance, in order to Chunyan and Debao can only delay not to go.In order to properly solve the problem of Chunyan and Debao, he sought gong Weizze, the director, and Chunyan’s elder sister, elder brother’s husband, second sister, second brother’s husband and Chunyan’s parents, and solved the matter of Debao and Chunyan through negotiation.He arranged elder sister Chunyan’s family to live in Debao’s parents’ house, and then paid 20 yuan for the rent every month. Debao’s mother lived with Debao’s family, and Second sister Chunyan lived in Chunyan’s parents’ house.By bingkun such a process, everyone is happy, to solve debao and Chunyan things don’t say, chunyan also a stake for two sisters parents house.Debao and Chunyan are grateful to Bingkun for saving their marriage.Another debao lost his father’s medical expenses reimbursement list, more than 600 dollars, to catch up with his salary for a year, this can debao worry bad, he hurried to find bingkun to think of a way.Bingkun found a circle of people, learned that his boss Han president or his brother can help do this thing, bingkun this very dislike president, but in order to debao things or to ask the President of Korea.In order to friends, wronged themselves, to beg their own people hate, we can see that bingkun is really good to Debao.Three, bingyi help Chunyan mother more than a set of house light word piece chunyan mother said to bingkun, I and chunyan father is old, don’t want to take the elevator up and down, didn’t take that thing, I heard often clamp the old man and child, afraid.Please tell your brother we have to live on the first floor.Bingkun told his brother, bingyi said, understandable, should take care of, no problem.A few days later, Chunyan mother and bingkun said, I and Chunyan dad hope the yard is bigger, let your brother must bother ah, bingkun said to brother, bingyi said, this is a bit difficult, the yard of the unit was moved into the first family phase, I try to tune it.Chunyan mother third time looking for bingkun, the request is, chunyan her two elder sister with their old couple live together, don’t give her two elder sister a house, she let bingkun tell bingyi, don’t meet her family this request, they play to rely on not to move.She said our families have been friends for 40 or 50 years.Bingkun this dont want to trouble brother, but in Chunyan and Zheng Juan’s advice, or tell.Bingyi very embarrassed, Chunyan her two elder sister’s household account is not light word piece, this request is too much.But in the end, bingyi or use the relationship to make Chunyan home.Chunyan’s mother moved to a large house with a small yard in front of the window and a strip of land more than two meters wide on the side of the building.Chunyan’s second sister also got a one-bedroom house.But Chunyan mother is not satisfied, she with bingkun, a once-in-a-century opportunity, very not easy to live when looking forward to, your brother and power, what he is difficult, not to give chunyan two sister a two-bedroom.Chunyan mother like “The Fisherman and the Goldfish” in the story of the insatiable old lady, got so much cheap, owed so much favor, do not know to meet, always want more, if bingrighteousness to meet her, give her two daughters a two-bedroom, she should continue for his eldest daughter, younger daughter to house.Bingkun for Debao, Chunyan and chunyan maiden did so much, he couldn’t think why Debao, Chunyan became a Wolf in the eyes, should report his brother?Bingkun will never know cao Debao to report his brother’s true secret.Bingkun has a strong personal heroism, he always wants to help the weak, but he forgot, friends are not close, he should treat alike.Have delicious, think of catch up, National Day, but ignore Debao has a year after the Spring Festival, Chunyan back home, by the way to bingkun home, greeting for a while, saw the corner of the New Year’s goods, very greedy, immediately go over, squat down to see.Zheng Juan told her that the child his uncle and aunt brought over, he could not finish eating.Chunyan said very politely, you can’t finish eating, we help you eat, and then open the goods to look, when she saw that there are large prawns, two eyes shining, directly with Zheng Juan said, their points.Bingkun saw but said to her, Yan, prawn you don’t points, I want to give catch-up.”Ok,” said Chunyan, “I’ll order the ribbonfish. It’s very good and much wider than the ones I’ve seen in the market.”Bingkun also said, bring fish to the National Day, his couple like fish.Chunyan after listening to angry, suddenly stood up, turned to bingkun rang, bingkun you what ah you?Are you still my fucking brother or what?I’m still not your sister, historical facts, you’re going to overturn it what?Why did you have to make your sister look so ashamed in front of all our relations?No, no, I don’t want anything.No wonder Chunyan angry, is also decades of friends, bingkun know National Day and love to eat identity, brother, sister sent goods, he will always point to them, but he never thought of Debao home.This is not for him, who is far, who is near, but catch up home, Guoqing home conditions are not good, he always want to help them.But he did so without considering the feelings of his friends Debao and Chunyan.Bingkun for catch up, National Day, progress home to get the value of two hundred thousand house bingkun for catch up, National Day, often progress to get the house, Debao couple jealous, they went to find bingkun.Debao with bingkun said, if can like batch to the National Day home as batch of a set of the best, if not, he and Chunyan is willing to buy a set like Sun Qiaoshou, qiaoshou home is not spent thirty thousand?They’re willing to pay 40, 60 grand.He also said it means spring swallow.Bingkun a listen to ask, Chunyan is not a set of two bedrooms?You’re not repossessing that place in your prime downtown area, and you’re not short of it right now.Debao said, “We don’t need a house, that is, we don’t need a house for the time being, but Sister Chunyan’s family doesn’t have a house yet. They live with her in-laws all the time.”Bingkun said, photon piece demolition, chunyan her mother has looked for my brother once, my brother also helped, regardless of our relationship, her mother and my mother was also old sisters, can not help?That’s how her mother got one big apartment and one small one, and my brother got two small ones or one big one if he didn’t help.Debao interrupted bingkun, asked why the National home, progressive home points to the house?Bingkun answered, National Day his father is an old worker, died so miserably, National Day died miserably, leaving Wu Qian and daughter, life is not easy, my brother to help him, and progress his father is a martyr, and you and Chunyan can be in the same breath?Debao a listen to anger, said, bingkun I can be understood, dare you brothers send favors, but also have advanced home of the reason is not?But I didn’t ask for favors, did I?We can buy it. They’re all your old friends, but not me and Chunyan?Since when do friends end up apart?We beg you to pull some strings from your brother, buy a house at a lower price, and we don’t give you any credit?Bingkun rejected, not a few days to find Chunyan, also let bingkun apologize to Debao for that day, and then with bingkun said, his difficulties.Repeatedly please let bingkun begged his brother to help them solve the house.But the house value of two hundred thousand, they want to use sixty thousand to buy, to see the demolition of the faint of bingyi, bingkun did not open his mouth.But let bingkun did not expect, in his eyes a small thing, but let Debao, Chunyan with him and friends cut off contact, even the mobile phone number is changed, debao even reported Zhou Bingyi corruption, which makes Zhou Bingkun puzzled.Debao and Chunyan’s approach cut to the heart.Bingkun think debao home is not lack of house, so he ignored debao home, he thought friends would be like him, thinking of helping poor conditions, but he ignored the human nature and jealousy and greed.Summary: Debao and Chunyan not only want a house, but also care about their status in Zhou Bingkun’s heart, bingkun thought of the home, National Day home and even progressive home, but did not think about his home.Bingkun feel debao home have a house do not need help, but it is just that he felt, so with tens of thousands of dollars, buy a house worth two hundred thousand, such a good thing who want to touch.There is such a good thing, bingkun can not think of Debao and Chunyan, hurt debao heart, this is debao with bingkun reverse true secrets, very pierced heart.Debao and Chunyan, jealous and disappointed, report Byung-ui, who shares the house with The progressive family.