There will be another precipitation in Henan on Thursday, this time mainly rain

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After the end of the Spring Festival holiday in the year of the Tiger, a new round of large-scale snowfall, compared to the previous snowfall process in the south, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the two lakes and other places appeared high intensity snow, and Hangzhou West Lake, also appeared “rain west Lake is inferior to snow West Lake” beauty.Photo: West Lake snow scene specific to Henan province, this time the snowfall is concentrated in the south.According to the statistics of henan Meteorological Station, from 6 to 17 o ‘clock on The 7th, xinyang, Zhumadian, Luohe, Zhoukou, Pingdingshan five areas and the east of Nanyang appeared small to moderate snow or sleet, the maximum snowfall of 4.2 mm.We have noticed that since the start of the Year of the Tiger, the weather in Zhengzhou has not been very good, and the sunny weather during the holiday has not returned for the time being.According to the forecast of henan Meteorological Station, in the future, the weather in Henan is not very clear and bright, and there is a round of precipitation process, but the precipitation phase is mainly rain water.According to the analysis and prediction, a new round of weak precipitation will come online from the night of 10th to 12th. The main precipitation area is south of the Yellow River, and the precipitation phase is mixed with rain and snow. It is expected that there will be pure snow in high altitude mountainous areas.Specifically, during the day on October 10, cloudy skies will turn to cloudy skies in the west and south, with sunny skies in other areas.During the day and night, it will be overcast in the west and south, with sleet or light rain in most areas, light snow in mountainous areas, sunny to cloudy in other areas.On The 11th, the province will be overcast, with scattered light snow in the western mountains and light rain or sleet in the south and east.On December 12, it was overcast in the whole province, with light rain or sleet in most areas south of the Yellow River.The 13th, the province overcast between cloudy, parts of the southeast of light rain.On The 14th, north central China will be overcast with light rain or sleet in some areas, cloudy to sunny in others.The northerly wind of the province is about level 4.Source: Dahe Daily video editor: Wang Fenghua