Brazil goes wild!Referee 12 minutes bright 3 red, Allison lucky escape red, god front risk was scrapped

2022-05-01 0 By

South American football has a reputation for being a wild game, and in Brazil’s away game against Ecuador, referee Roldan explained it well.Roldan showed red cards three times in just 12 minutes, but eventually cancelled allison’s red card.In the 14th minute, Ecuadorean goalkeeper Dominguez lunged to the line of the penalty area to clear the ball, but instead of stopping, he kicked Cunha in the neck.After looking back in slow motion, Roldan showed Dominguez a red card.Slow motion showed that Dominguez failed to take his foot off the ball after clearing the ball, leaving cunha with a bloody streak across his neck, and it was no surprise that dominguez was shown the red card.”You kicked your opponent at neck level,” commented former referee Oliveira. “It was a serious foul. It should have been a red card.”The game was stopped for five minutes after dominguez fouled.After the resumption of play, Ecuador moved the ball upfield and Emerson cleared the ball to knock down Estrada.The referee showed no mercy and showed a second yellow card to Emerson, who also left the field stained red.Similar to Dominguez’s move, Emerson did not stop after clearing, and Oliveira agreed: “It was right to show the red card.”Since tite’s reign, only David Luiz and Luis Jesus (twice) have received red cards, making Emerson the third player.Two red cards in six minutes was surprising enough.However, Roldan showed another red card in the 26th minute.Allison ran out of the box to clear and, after clearing, struck valencia with his right foot in the face and roldan did not hesitate to show his third red card of the game.However, after speaking to the video assistant referee, Roldan reversed the decision, rescinding the red card but still booking Allison.This time, too, he was right. After roldan’s red card, Oliveira said: “He’s exaggerated this time.”After Roldan changed his decision, Olivia praised the referee’s courage.”Three red cards in 26 minutes, I think, at least the last two are debatable, allison’s leg hitting his opponent on the way down after clearing the ball,” commented Global Sport.A comparison of dominguez and Allison’s two moves shows why Roldan made different calls after looking back at slow motion.Dominguez goes up after a clearance, while Allison goes down after a clearance.It is worth mentioning that VAR took 16 minutes and 15 seconds to make three decisions in the first half, including 6 minutes and 42 seconds when Dominguez was red and 7 minutes and 3 seconds when Allison’s red card was cancelled.