Clean the snow on the road to ensure the normal passage of residents

2022-05-01 0 By

Last night, a snowflake came quietly.In order to ensure the smooth road after the snow, sai Han district city administration bureau of law enforcement a squadron of law enforcement officers, early in the morning to the streets, to carry out voluntary snow clearing work.The law enforcement team went deep into the area, while doing a good job in the city appearance management work, solid do a good job of the snow process in response to the work.Supervise and guide shops and all units to carry out snow and ice removal in the responsible area of “Three bags in front of doors”.At the same time, strengthen publicity, extensive mobilization, guide citizens to start from the side, consciously perform the citizen snow clearing obligation, take the initiative to participate in the front door, sidewalks, streets, communities and other areas of snow clearing work.Through this activity of clearing snow on the road, the urban management team members have created a safe travel environment for the residents in the area and brought warmth to the cold winter