Gac Mitsubishi produced atuke interpretation of “iron man tenderness” drama

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We often shed tears for a scene in the movie, or remember a certain character portrayed in the movie. The most touching thing is often the concentrated embodiment of the character’s personality created in a particular scene.”Iron Man’s tenderness” is a common character feature in movies. As the name implies, under the appearance of a tough guy, there is a warm man’s heart. The huge contrast between appearance and personality is really easy to move the audience.Automobile industry, especially pure electric market, this kind of “iron man tender feelings” players are rare, on the 23rd of this month, “with hard style, hard gas value, hard core technology” three advantages in a suit of GAC Mitsubishi Atuke officially listed, to the world to show its tough guy field.On the other hand, the new car with 199,800 yuan to 229,800 yuan sincerity price and various welfare policies to show the full sincerity and gentle attitude to consumers.This may be our initial impression of Atuke, but its “iron man tenderness” is far more than these.Under the environment of energy conservation and emission reduction, pure electric models are getting better and better.Faced with so many pure electric products, it will be difficult for consumers to choose.From the most important platform, there are no more than two kinds of electric vehicles, pure level platform and non-pure level platform (also known as “oil to electricity”).The former is a platform specially developed for electric vehicles, which has more professional performance in layout, three-current system and many other aspects. Atuke is the product of pure electric aluminum platform.The so-called “aluminum”, simply speaking, is the car chassis used a large number of aluminum alloy material.We know that aluminum has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, strong shock absorption and so on. Due to its high price, it generally only appears in high-end models.Altuco’s heavy use of aluminum is expensive, but it offers a 50:50 front and rear weight ratio, which increases safety and handling while also reducing body weight and improving range.The core of an electric car is nothing more than a three-current system.The three-in-one integrated electro-drive system used by Atuco has the advantages of small size and high efficiency.The IP67 double-layer sealed battery pack has passed nearly 100 safety tests of nearly 4 times the national standard. With the high-precision BMS battery management system, it not only reduces the energy loss of the battery, but also ensures the driving safety in an all-round way.In terms of specific data, the new car can generate maximum power of 224 horsepower, peak torque of 350 NM, and CLTC operating range of 520 km.In order to dispel consumers’ worries, the manufacturer also promised to guarantee the quality of the vehicle for 5 years or 150,000 kilometers, and guarantee the quality of the first owner for life.In addition to its powerful body structure and tri-electric system, the Altuco is equipped with L2 level driver assistance and supports seven active safety features including adaptive cruise, lane keeping and forward collision warning to further protect the vehicle.”Fall in love with a car, began in the level” in appearance, use this sentence to describe the figure ke suits, hale swagger of front face model, floating roof, have a level of body lines and texture of the tail lights, fashion, personality exhibited a “tough guy” style, mitsubishi has long experience and feelings as well as further on cross-country plus for the “tough guy image”.The characters in the film will always pave the way for the image of tough guy, and consumers are often moved by the soft picture of tough guy.Atuke in the appearance design, active and passive safety, including the core of the three electric system are sufficiently “hard”, so how it is to let consumers experience its “tender” side?Into the car, based on the concept of “horizontal” make the instrument panel of individual character is dye-in-the-wood, 12.3 -inch LCD panel + 12.3 in the control panel + electronic shift gear knob, science and technology feeling instant full, panoramic sunroof brought in the open field of vision, 32 color can change the atmosphere of a lamp builds a full of romantic flavor, even hand touch, are soft packages,Combined with the role of fresh air purification oxygen system, bring consumers visual, tactile and olfactory triple enjoyment.Following the popular trend, the new car joined a lot of intelligent equipment, more humanized service for the driver and passenger.The new generation of Iflytek XTTS voice series carried by Atuke can be used to switch on and off air conditioning, navigation and many other commands.A mobile APP can remotely control the vehicle;Augmented reality navigation allows you to see the road at a glance;The addition of insensitive digital keys lets you forget your keys.OTA support is also available, with more features to be unlocked in the future.The new car is positioned as A+ grade joint venture pure electric SUV. The three measurements seem to be normal, and the off-stage wheelbase of 2830mm is bright enough. What is this concept?This figure is very close to the Highlander wheelbase performance (2850mm), the extra long wheelbase also gives it excellent riding space, and the car has up to 25 storage space can also hold your happiness.In the current new energy materials rise, the general price of electric vehicles under the circumstances, Arketo lower than expected price into the market, showing great sincerity, including the pioneer version of the price of 199,800 yuan, the core version of the price of 229,800 yuan.For users, the new car provides a variety of car purchase programs, including 0 down payment, 0 interest rate, 0 monthly payment and battery lease.The first owner of the lifetime free flow so that you can save a fee in the later car process;5 years or 150 thousand kilometers long warranty, the first owner of the lifetime warranty let you buy at ease, with peace of mind, at the same time, there are more 5000 yuan replacement subsidies, 20 thousand yuan tourism fund (the first 300 subscribers), 2 years 7 discount repurchase and other multiple benefits.All of these are the embodiment of atuke’s “tender feelings”.As the brand’s first pure electric products, Atuke’s entry into the market for GAC Mitsubishi injected a dose of fresh blood, effectively respond to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy at the same time, but also shows its determination to enter the field of new energy, has a milestone significance, the brand will have more new energy products in the future.Relying on the mature experience of GAC Mitsubishi in the domestic market, the brand will continue to empower the new products, showing the unique advantages brought by the senior joint venture brand in service, after-sales, finance and other aspects.The movie will always end, Atuke’s story has just been staged, next, it will continue to impress the audience with its core strength and consumer intentions everywhere, deduce its “iron man tenderness” car market career!