Mazda CX-30 won the 2022 China Women’s Recommended Model

2022-05-01 0 By

The 2022 “China Car of the Year” grand ceremony came to a close, and Changan MAZDA CX-30 won the “Women’s New Consumption Power Recommended Model”.This is the second time MAZDA CX-30 has been recognized by the Judges of China Car of the Year after winning the top three SUV awards in China 2021.As the first SUV model of MAZDA’s all-new generation product group, MAZDA CX-30 has won numerous awards since its launch in the global market, especially in the field of safety, and has successively won four continents’ Ding grade Safety evaluation Grand Slam.The MAZDA CX-30’s new-found elegance and unrivable sense of security make it attractive to women of the new era.MAZDA CX-30, a small red pepper, has been the choice and favor of many female users since its launch in the Chinese market.Their “proud pepper” elegant demeanour inspires changan Mazda brand more and more creative inspiration.Listen to and pay attention to their voice and needs, is an important part of Chang ‘an Mazda practice brand, product value creation.Nowadays, as an important guiding force in the automobile consumption market, female users no longer pay attention to the color and appearance of the car, but also have independent thinking and choice for safety and driving pleasure.”Soul” design concept since its birth, with a unique style of exquisite craftsman style, the achievement of auto industry products and the beauty of art encounter.In the “soul 2.0” design aesthetics, MAZDA CX-30 to “delicate and bold” as the design keywords, the eastern aesthetic consciousness of “more than white, bending, changing” elements into it, after repeated carving, the ultimate for the user to show the world, light and shadow changes of the “dome shadow surface” beauty.The MAZDA CX-30’s exterior design also demonstrates SUV poise and practicality under the magnificent “dome of beauty.”The graceful and slender engine cabin and the full and wide tail shape echo before and after, perfectly combining the dynamic feeling of the coupe and the sense of power of the SUV, supplemented by the highest ground clearance of the same level, forming du one Wu two “travel aesthetics”.For women, the MAZDA CX-30 offers a versatile aesthetic and maximum attention, whether it’s on the street or on the commute to work.Inside the car, the MAZDA CX-30’s simple, open-loop design creates a refined, luxuriant interior.The symmetrical loop driving layout, the handmade sewing process and the extensive use of soft and leather materials give MAZDA CX-30 a superior quality.The knob button designed by Kansei Engineering, 0.01mm knob variable feel, so that women’s delicate emotions can be released to the maximum extent.2653mm at the same level of the longest wheelbase, according to ergonomics and set 805mm*731mm*1020mm trunk size design, the perfect combination of practicality and comfort, so that women’s shopping, travel life becomes more convenient and comfortable.If the beauty of the design is to make the majority of female users fall in love with MAZDA CX-30 at first sight, the security is to make female users “long-term love” guarantee.In 2021, MAZDA CX-30 again won the “C-IASI China Auto Insurance Safety Index” all-in-one “G” rating in the Chinese market.With e-ncap five-star safety rating in Europe, IIHSding rating in North America and a-ncap five-star safety rating in Australia, MAZDA cx-30 has successfully completed the global grand slam of ding rating for safety performance.The MAZDA CX-30 delivers solid crash safety results that demonstrate that while driving is enjoyable, its safety performance is uncompromising.In 2021, Changan Mazda will continue to pay attention to the life value of female users owning cars and explore to build a communication platform for female users.The first female jUE of MAZDA CX-30 “Girlfriends Afternoon Tea” invited female user representatives to discuss how female groups manage their personal value and deconstruct social anxiety, which won praise and praise from female users.Facing the future, Changan Mazda will pay attention to the important driving force of “her power” in the process of brand development, explore the spiritual world of more female users and fans, and let them participate in the value creation of the brand and products.The event will run from February 20, 2022 to February 22, 2022