Stop yelling at the Mavericks! 28 points in one quarter!They traded the wave god to break the Doncic seal

2022-05-01 0 By

The blockbuster trade deadline is over, one of the most lively in recent years.Harden’s departure was somewhat of a surprise, even after all the build-up.The lakers’ front office has been trying hard. Yesterday they actively traded Tucker and Nunn for Reish and Burks, but the Knicks front office isn’t that stupid.Pelinka then turned around and tried to hammer the rockets into trading Wall for Westbrook, but the rockets insisted on the lakers’ ’27 first round, and ultimately failed to do so.The Lakers finally offered Tucker +27 first round + Westbrook for Wall and Wood, which the Rockets rejected again.Calls to fire Pelinka grew after the trade deadline, but pelinka knew that not making a trade was a minor offense at best.If you make a deal out of desperation, you’re a sinner forever.A case in point was last night’s Lone Ranger.The Mavericks sent Porzingis and a second-round pick in exchange for Wizards Dinwiddie and Davis Bertans.The Mavericks tried to sell Popovich a year ago, but the deal was too big and popovich had a crock in the playoffs last year, so no takers.At the trade deadline this year, the Mavericks called each of the other 29 teams, asking if they could take pozen.Such a low attitude is certainly a lamb to be slaughtered.The Attitude of the Mavericks should be clear, just don’t get out of the first round, and then the Wizards come up. I have two crap contracts. Do you want them or not?The Lone Ranger says: yes, as long as you take over the Wave god, I also want the garbage contract.So the Mavericks took a second-round pick in exchange for two more years of junk when they gave up Paz.The wave god although the attendance rate is not high, often pull down, but overall is still above the starter level.He’s playing reasonably well this season, averaging 19.2 points and 7.7 rebounds.Plus the Lone Ranger’s already short of men and protection, Wave is important.In 2019, Wave signed a five-year, $158 million deal with the Mavericks that runs through 2024.Dinwiddie’s three-year, $54 million deal last year also expires in 2024, and Bertans’ five-year, $80 million deal expires in 2025.The Mavericks traded a premium contract for two more years of junk, and the family roared with laughter.Dinwiddie is 12.6 points on 37.7 percent shooting this season;Bertans is 5.7 points and shooting 31.9 percent from 3-point range this season.Dinwiddie is ok, 23-24 season only 10 million guarantee, can not play well.The Mavericks are taking over a stinky, long contract like Bertans?I don’t believe there’s nothing personal about a Bose.At the time the notification was traded, The Wave god was still buying sandwiches.Doncic scored 28 points in the first quarter against the Clippers in his first game since the bosh trade.Think of it this way. The Lone Ranger makes money.