What a new generation 2008 should look like!

2022-05-01 0 By

The most attractive aspect of the new generation 2008 should be its appearance. The appearance is clear and shapely, and the sports atmosphere is strong. The front face is dongfeng Peugeot’s family style in recent years, but compared with 508L, it has a bit more sharp rear car shape.In fact, the new generation 2008 is a slim and tall SUV, which is different from the previous feeling of close proximity. The shape is a little sharper. In short, in terms of appearance, the new generation 2008 is cool.Conductor I bare feet taller than 173 cm, 4312 mm in the front row behind the steering wheel to the half lying posture of standard posture (thigh seat, left leg pedal auxiliary pedal) rear standards board straight posture has no problem with the front seat two fists do enough good distance from the vehicle height fluctuation space the back glass and the front glass is also very big sufficiently protect the vision the rear seat can be put down,But not flat after put down to the trunk opening has limit big innovation research and development of 3 d hologram LCD instrument technique provides sci-fi feeling extremely cool stereo visual effect but also according to the priority of information dynamic display important driving a piece of information to ensure safe driving the driver front panel, meter above double screen at the same time a piece of screen display information above a screen onto the screen and positiveAchieve naked eye 3D effect,Technology are self-evident dongfeng Peugeot filtering noise level has been leading in the same level of the bus I most worried about is the noise problem and experience in city road let I breathed a sigh of relief for problem didn’t also filter the noise level and the wet dual clutch my words below may some people think that is not telling the truth but I still want to objective said that the car simply could not let you feel this is aDouble clutch ordinary acceleration smoothness can not feel shift when more than 30 miles on the 4 gear 70km/h on the 6 gear not to save fuel is impossible space praise, chassis praise, filter noise praise other performance has reached the price of the level