Avic uav success!Chengdu, the second drone enterprise technology board IPO

2022-05-02 0 By

According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange website on February 25th, avIC (Chengdu) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Co., LTD. (UAV) has approved its ipo and listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.If the subsequent IPO registration application can be successfully passed, it will also become the second listed uav enterprise in Chengdu.It is worth noting that according to the announcement of the results of the 12th deliberation Meeting of the CPC Municipal Committee in 2022 on the Science and Innovation Board, the inquiries of THE CPC Municipal Committee on AVIC UAV are still mainly focused on the two aspects of industry competition and independence:First, the company is required to explain the follow-up plan of expanding the business in the field of civilian products. Whether the existing and subsequent expanded business in the field of civilian products can use the uav products or technologies of related parties, if yes, further explain whether appropriate measures to avoid competition have been implemented;Second, the company is required to explain that the core business basically comes from the background of related parties business independence and sustainable operation ability.As previously reported by the Cover news, AVIC directly holds 66.73% of the total shares through CAC and CHENGDU, and is the actual controller of AVIC uav.As of December 31, 2021, the company had 405 employees, 102 of whom were formerly employed by the Aviation Industry Group and its controlled enterprises.Therefore, in the previous second round of inquiry, the company’s independence, industry competition, related transactions and other issues have been the focus of supervision.Avic UAV said in the reply that the company is the core platform of UAV industrialization of AVIC, and AVIC has issued a Letter of Commitment on Avoiding competition in the same industry to avoid competition with the main business of AVIC UAV.According to statistics, up to now, the number of A-share listed companies in Sichuan has reached 158.Among them, 14 listed companies on the science and Technology Innovation Board continue to lead the central and western regions.Since the beginning of 2022, Sichuan enterprises are still active in the sprint capital market, jiayuan Technology, Kun Hengshunwei has landed on the GEM and Science and Technology Innovation Board;February 15, Haichuang Pharmaceutical science and technology innovation board IPO registration approved by the CSRC.On February 24, Lihang Technology’s IPO application was approved by the CSRC and it will be listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.According to the prospectus, Lihang Technology is based on the aviation field and has extensive business around the production, maintenance and support of aircraft.As a manufacturer of multi-type key type ground support equipment in China, it participated in major military activities such as the National Day parade marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China.