Chinese New Year fast tun!Easier to digest than glutinous rice, rhubarb rice balls are soft, sweet and non-sticky!

2022-05-02 0 By

A pot of hot, sweet tangyuan, with its soft, waxy skin and sweet, runny heart, is the best Chinese wish for a warm winter.Eat a bowl of tangyuan meaning round and round in time to make up the warmth, the next year can be vibrant.However, sweet and soft glutinous rice dumplings always make people unable to control eating more, the stomach of the elderly and children who are poor, eating a stomach can be uncomfortable for the whole night.Glutinous rice dumplings are a dinner tradition, but these days rhubarb rice balls are the answer.Rhubarb rice dumplings break the traditional pure glutinous rice “tough man” production, yellow rice coarse grain Nemesis warm and fragrant, Q elastic sticky, easy to digest, suitable for the stomach weak old people, children.