Dushu Town of Fangcheng County held a promotion meeting for cleaning up the living environment

2022-05-02 0 By

New Year new weather, Fangcheng County Dushu town in the festival after the work gradually orderly development of the situation, the organization of the town held a rural human settlements environment renovation push meeting, the meeting by dushu Town mayor Liu Honghai presided over, town organs all, the village branch secretary attended.At the meeting, Liu Honghai reviewed and summarized the renovation work of the living environment in the early stage of each village, and arranged and deployed the renovation work of the living environment in the next step of the town.Liu Honghai pointed out that all levels of departments to improve the rural living environment work on the important position, the thought and action of the unity of the city, county decision-making deployment, the main leadership to personally lead, forward command, accelerate the improvement of the town’s rural living environment work.The meeting stressed that we should grasp the key points and increase the intensity of waste management in each village.Continuous promotion of large-scale comprehensive utilization of crop straw;Classified treatment of rural sewage;We will actively improve the living environment and improve the appearance of villages in an all-round and meticulous manner.In addition, more focus on implementation of hardening, greening, lighting, landscaping works, make the rural landscape has improved significantly, at the same time as a whole to promote rural renewal process, fundamentally improve the acquisition, well-being of the masses, strive for in the New Year, riveting YiGuJin, efforts to achieve the whole town rural living environment renovation work to a new level.(Liu Zhenwei chai Qiang)