If the US instigates conflict in Ukraine and intervenes in the Taiwan Strait, and calls for a two-front war, China will lose

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Overconfident or taking the wrong medicine?Is the US trying to stir up trouble in Ukraine and Taiwan at the same time?Does the US really have the strength to deal with Both China and Russia, or is there a conspiracy?According to Japanese media reports, the United States and Japan started joint military exercises on February 3 in the Miyako Strait and the Luzon Strait, which are located in the north and south directions of Taiwan respectively, and the United States and Japan also specially practiced landing operations, clearly pointing at the Taiwan issue.I have to say this is a strange operation of the United States, because the current russia-Ukraine conflict has not been able to cool down, may break out at any time hot war, on the other hand, Russia is waiting for the opportunity to deploy a wide range of offensive weapons in Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, nuclear warheads could reach the United States in a minute.At a time like this, the US has enough money to stir up trouble around the Taiwan Strait. Is biden administration so confident that it can wage a two-front war with China and Russia at the same time?In terms of paper power, the US military is indeed capable of dealing with China and Russia, especially the Us Navy and Marine Corps, which are still the largest, most advanced and most extensive maritime forces in the world, not to mention the COAST Guard.But modern warfare is no longer the era of the cold War, when fighter jets took over air power, tanks took over land power and aircraft carriers took over sea power.The combination of various services and all-round three-dimensional warfare is the main keynote of modern warfare, and this theory was put forward by the Pentagon itself, the United States is very aware of this point.Geopolitical very closely on the two countries, Russia by land from east to west, from mainland China from the west to the east sea, thus form a nearly impossible to break through the solid wall, coupled with the manpower and financial resources to build mainland spend years of involvement/area denial, unless the use of nuclear weapons, or the U.S. cannot very serious damage to China and Russia,Especially the mainland.Moreover, war is not about weapons and equipment, but about money and manufacturing. Given the current economic situation of the US, can the US army be allowed to fight a war with the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army, which is in a good economic situation?Finally, although the US military is powerful on paper, a large part of it has to be used to safeguard the security of its Allies, especially in the Middle East.So strong on the surface of American troops, impossible to deal with the two countries at the same time, not long ago, an American think-tank, was held at the American enterprise institute, a farmer video conference entitled “China challenge”, at this conference, the United States a lot of hawks strategy scholars generally believe that the U.S. can at the same time in Ukraine and dealing with the Russian army and the people’s liberation army in the Taiwan straits.Even with America’s current resources, it would be too strong to take on the PLA alone.Therefore, it can be seen that it has become a consensus in the United States not to fight a war with China and Russia at the same time, especially not with the mainland. So why is the Biden administration still playing with fire, while stirring up the Ukraine crisis, and at the same time provoking the Mainland in the Taiwan Strait?One is that the US is neither willing to abandon Europe nor willing to watch mainland China dominate Asia.Second, an American conspiracy is brewing.As a matter of fact, the United States has been making provocations in the Taiwan Strait and Ukraine on the surface, but if the mainland and Russia actually start a war, the United States will not dare to fight, because as we said above, the United States cannot even fight the mainland alone, how can it fight a two-front war?In Europe, the United States has already mobilized troops to Poland and Romania, but not to Ukraine. Why?As soon as Russia goes to war, NATO will be in a strategic defensive posture, watching Ukraine fall to Russian forces.The same goes for the Taiwan Straits. In fact, the United States’ joint military exercises with Japan in these areas are nothing but posturing. Why?This is because the waters where the US and Japan are engaged are basically within the firepower coverage of the mainland anti-access/area-denial forces. No matter how much the US and Japan exercise, as long as they engage the PLA, these tactics will be useless.This is not our letter orpiment, brag, but are aware of yourself in the United States, an American think-tank to interfere in the people’s liberation army closed long did research, and the people’s liberation army combat, the U.S. fleet in main dock can only 1600 kilometers of the baselines of the territorial sea in China, the United States not to enter this range and the people’s liberation army combat.Therefore, the United States now seems to want to fight and kill on two fronts, but in fact, it does not dare to fight a war.The first reason for us provocations is to call the mainland’s bluff and frighten Russia.On the other hand, it is deliberately creating the illusion that things are not all right in Eastern Europe and Asia.Asia is the future world economic growth pole, a large amount of international capital will flow to Asia, especially east Asia, among which the Chinese mainland is the most attractive. With the gradual flow of capital to East Asia, the economic advantage of the United States will be broken.It is also because of this that the United States has tried many times to persuade capital to withdraw from the mainland without success.But create the illusion that East Asia is in trouble, and capital will slowly move away to America, where there is little threat of war, and the United States will end up holding most of the world’s capital.Therefore, the US is now just a paper tiger, bluffing and calling for a war with China and Russia at the same time, but actually dare not fight at all.As long as we continue to press ahead with the withdrawal of Taiwan while focusing on development and attracting more capital to the mainland, the US will naturally run out of tricks and in the long run they will have to bow to defeat.