The living room | “intimate butler” guards passengers’ safe travel

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Walking into the network management center of Guangzhou Communication Section Technical Support Center of Guangzhou Railway Group, the tense and busy atmosphere was coming and the phone calls were ringing one after another.More than 40 networked computers were neatly arranged, taking up half of the room.The workers are glued to screens, their fingers twitching, monitoring transmissions, video, data networks and other communications equipment in real time.Li Songyuan carefully checks the label of communication transmission equipment.”It is known as the” blood “of railway communication, carrying the major communication arteries of wuhan-Guangzhou, Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong, Guihan-Guangzhou, Nan-Guangzhou and other high-speed railways and General railway trains within The Guangzhou-Guangzhou Railway Group, including dispatching communication, ticket, emergency command and other systems.”This area network management center foreman Li Songyuan introduced.Now, 15 workers, with an average age of less than 30 years old, work here 24 hours a day to keep the arteries running smoothly.During the Spring Festival travel rush, the passenger flow reaches the peak, and the railway transportation is increasingly busy, which is facing a severe test. The network management center cannot tolerate any mistakes. Therefore, the center actively optimizes the communication network and renovates the hidden danger of equipment to ensure the smooth and stable communication channel.Li Songyuan is wearing an antistatic bracelet to install a communication transmission equipment server.Listen to li Songyuan’s colleague Ouyang Lin to introduce say, go to work time, Li Songyuan always concentrate on the job at present, configuration equipment data, monitor to see network management state, never allow oneself to give a bit error!”During the Spring Festival travel rush, if a business channel in the railway traffic scheduling system is jammed, it will disrupt the normal transportation production order, disrupt the vehicle operation plan and traffic organization.”Fu Qiang, director of the technical support center, said.It is understood that the network management center as the leading command department of railway communication, but also the “housekeeper” of communication equipment.Online and offline ticket purchasing data, train operation scheduling instructions and so on, all data flows are transmitted through the network management center. Once hidden trouble occurs, it may lead to passengers’ ticket purchase delay, or even affect train operation and other problems.”In order to ensure the smooth information channel, every two hours, the staff of our network management center will monitor the alarm information of more than 40 sets of network management, and the equipment in the machine room will conduct a patrol, and Mr. Li is always busy.”This group worker xiao Zhang introduces way.Li Songyuan (first from left) and his colleagues analyze NMS alarm information.Li Songyuan (first from left) and his colleagues analyze NMS alarm information.During the Spring Festival, Li Songyuan took the initiative to work overtime, eat and live in the work area.After more than 30 days, the verification and proofreading of passenger tickets, driving business circuit up to 996, has optimized more than 50.”Another all-nighter. The night shift was so solid that it was light again.”This is the circle of a friend that Li Songyuan conveniently sends, draw countless worker to praise frequently at that time.Correspondent: Li Shuqin Xia Wenbo voice: Guo Jing