American smart grandma used a trick to lure a con man to her house

2022-05-03 0 By

Nowadays, there are many cases of telephone fraud in the society, and the victims are usually elderly people who are not familiar with the world.However, one grandmother in New York state was quite clever when she came across a fraud ring.She not only saw through the swindler’s fraud, but also lured the other party to her home for the police to arrest.Jean, a 73-year-old Long Island resident, got a call on Jan. 20 from an unknown man who said he was one of her grandchildren and had been arrested for driving under the influence.He also called her “Grandma.”Jen said she knew it was fake as soon as she heard it, as she has no grandchildren who can drive, but she decided to play with each other.After a few back and forth calls, another man called.He claimed to be her grandson’s lawyer and asked for bail of $8,000.”I told him my money was at home,” jen said.I thought to myself, he wouldn’t believe it, but he totally believed me.”At the same time, Jean, a former 911 dispatcher, also filed a police report.When a man pretending to be a bail taker came to her house to make a withdrawal, she handed him an envelope containing tissue.As he walked out the door to leave, he was arrested by waiting police.The Nassau County Police Department shared footage of the man’s arrest on Facebook.In addition to charging the man with Grand Larceny, police are also urging people to watch out for rampant fraud targeting the elderly.’They’re sitting at home doing nothing, thinking about how to con the elderly,’ said Sgt. Patrick Ryder of the Nassau County Police Department.Don’t listen to their lies.Jean said she hoped her case would serve as a warning to others.She was also glad that no one was hurt in the incident.Police are also reminding people that if you suspect someone is part of a fraud ring, call the police before making an appointment to meet them.