Six consecutive defeat!Coaches, role players, stars have their own problems, the Nets need to change

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Distance nets a victory, has to go back to the distant half a month ago.The Nets, armed with a road advantage, used harden’s massive triple-double and Irving’s efficient 24-point performance to steamroll the young Spurs in SAN Antonio.As everyone knows, after the victory of this hanchang dripping dripping, the nets are greeted by a wave of the six collapse.In this period of collapse, the nets played four away, but even so, the nets also failed to Carey Owen advantages into winning my hand, and on the west coast trip even swallowed three after the defeat, the nets also once in the eastern part of the first dive to the east, 6 nets over the next five games, also including the jazz, the Denver nuggets, heat the Nemesis,One slip and you’ll step into the play-off zone.If there was an excuse for the Nets’ sixth straight loss, it was sloppy personnel and a strong opponent.In fact, during the six-game losing streak, the Nets had three games without two stars, only relying on a single giant to lead the team, including the SUNS, warriors and other strong opponents, the loss results can only be said to be reasonable.But the fact that the duo were humiliated by the Timberwolves and Kings is nothing to be ashamed of.Especially against the Kings, oshim scored 14 points in 36 minutes, which was an unbelievable performance, and who would have expected James Harden to dominate the conference room that day with his four-point performance next door.It’s a shame that the big three combined only 10 times in the regular season, but can’t a team play without three stars?Can’t a team win without one star?Apparently not.Now the problem of the nets, and more than just personnel is not so simple.A big part of the reason the Nets are in this mess is to pay for the bad offseason moves.Marcus, the General manager of the Nets, talked about “sacrificing a little offense for better defense” last summer.With Jeff Green out of the way, Marcus replaced millsap, 36, with more seasoned defensive experience.Shamet was traded for jevon Carter, a better defender;The minimum salary was signed by defensive players James Johnson and Ben Bury.Over the years, every team with the idea of “trade offense for defense” has ended up wanting nothing.The nets were able to come up with a defensive unit through the offseason, but with benbury, Bruce Brown, and James Johnson in the lineup, the Nets were completely unable to attack, and the three stars struggled in constipated offensive space at times.Nash pieced together an offensive unit, but with Mills and Adega in their 70s, the defense was a free throw.If the Nets played football, they might still be competitive, but basketball is a total offense game, emphasizing the balance between offense and defense, which is a distant goal with the current nets role players’ abilities.What’s more, Marquez’s two offseason signings are proving to be a complete flop.Millsap is not only missing his offensive skills, he can’t guard anyone on defense with his old arms and legs, and he’s on his way out after only half a season.The Jevon Carter trade, in practice, also proved to be a complete failure, Shamet last year in the Nets at least the core rotation, jevon Carter now in addition to garbage time, do not see him in the game.To make matters worse, one of the nets’ most lethal shooters, Joe Harris, is out for the season due to injury, and Blake Griffin, the main center of last season, has suffered a sharp drop in shooting this season.The introduction of unfavorable, and suffered from injuries and player level of a significant decline in the blow, the nets personnel use, in fact, has been stretched.Yes, nets role player quality, compared to last season significantly demoted, is indisputable fact.Usually, it is the time to test the coaching skills of a coach to integrate a group of mediocre players into a competitive group. The coach needs to design tactics to make these role players play well in the offensive system and avoid weaknesses.Unfortunately, the Nets’ head coach is Steve Nash, a rookie second-year coach.Nash’s approach to coaching is a hands-off approach. He is responsible for emotional counseling, leaving the tactics and offense to his assistants, stars and role players.Because of this, the shortcomings of the inadequate role players were further exposed in the Nets, and in the end, the burden of all problems was placed on the big three, relying on their individual ability to solve everything.That kind of hands-off approach, relying on star power, might have worked last season, but not this season.What problem does Nash expect irving to solve on the road?It has been a miracle not to add to the problems and to maintain the individual’s competitive state.Nash was counting on Durant to solve his problems, and now he’s in a hospital bed after playing almost 40 minutes of every game.Nash ended up looking to Harden to fix his problem, which ended up with a hamstring injury, a wrist injury, and Nash said, “I don’t want Him. I don’t want him.”Deng Elder brother with practical action, said his body was hollowed out, set foot on the court to go one step too lazy to go, bend a waist are so laborious, this just has the whole court crazy cut 4 points of god.Harden is really tired, but in addition to being tired, he certainly has his own considerations.To understand is that in the Nets of the big three, only he did not taste the joy of the championship, he is the three of the most want to win that person, had left the rocket came to Brooklyn to look for big brother, but also want to chase his own ring in the big brother according to Buddha.But a season and a half later, harden hasn’t even seen a championship, and It’s inevitable that Theo will have his own thoughts.With Harden out of contract this summer, would moving to another team be closer to a championship?Rumors have swirled about Harden’s flirtationwith the Sixers, and it certainly doesn’t make sense for Him to put his body through a few nonexistent regular-season games at this juncture of his life, leaving him with no choice this summer.From the coach, to the role player, to the most important star, the Nets have their own problems, which has led to the current awkward situation.The Nets have come to the point where they need to do something. Since role players aren’t easy to trade and it’s impossible to take a hit on stars, the easiest and easiest way to make a change is to change coaches, especially considering there are a lot of idle, well-paid stars out there.Without the boldness to change, harden left this summer and the Big Three disintegrated, the Nets instantly became one of the biggest jokes in two years.