Zhaishang street continued to promote the investigation to eliminate illegal discharge behavior

2022-05-03 0 By

Spring Festival approaching, for the full implementation of the combustion to ban fireworks work, reduce the influence of fireworks on the atmospheric environment, and safeguard social public security and people’s lives and property safety, for days, village streets, full coverage, multi-dimensional continuous screening and propaganda, to do a good job of combating and preventing illegal activities, to ensure that the forbidden combustion to ban to implement the work, see the effect.In pingyang community, the community grid member, volunteers distributed to residents in the about the ban on fireworks initiative, and posted in a conspicuous position within their respective jurisdictions “a letter to the masses of residents”, in-depth publicity fireworks banned banned relevant provision, interpretation of the scientific knowledge about fireworks, banned fireworks regulations and the importance of the dangers of fireworks.At the same time, mobilize the residents of the area to actively report and expose illegal discharge, illegal production and sales, and resolutely put an end to the occurrence of illegal discharge.Zhai street comprehensive law enforcement brigade and tuo South community jointly carried out a ban on fireworks publicity activities, take the lead to do ban burning ban, actively dissuade and supervise others resolutely not to sell, do not buy, do not set off fireworks.And the supermarket, tobacco hotel in-depth investigation, to see whether there is a sale of fireworks phenomenon, fireworks found in the store for seizure.Tuo South community invited coastal good man Shao Yuehua to carry out a ban on fireworks education.In the activity, Shao Yuehua issued the propaganda page banning fireworks to residents, and publicized the importance of banning fireworks to community grid members and residents, explaining the benefits of banning fireworks for them, encouraging residents to start from their own, civilized holiday.A series of publicity activities have effectively improved the awareness rate and participation rate of the public on the work of banning fireworks and firecrackers, so that residents better understand the harm of setting off fireworks, improve safety awareness, and provide guarantee for the majority of residents to have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.Source: Bincheng Times