Dust fall monitoring results in 16 prefecture-level cities were announced

2022-05-04 0 By

Note :(1) the dust fall range is determined by the minimum and maximum values of urban dust fall points;(2) The average dust fall was determined by the average dust fall at urban dust fall points;(3) The dust fall monitoring results of Hefei city in the first quarter and Bozhou City in July were abnormal and were not involved in the calculation.Bozhou city to issue a notice!Dawan Village “first secretary” to pass the Torch of the Winter Olympic Games push the second half of the Spring Festival still snow!The latest weather forecast comes to recommend the latest release!Anhui on New Year’s eve air quality source | in anhui province ecological environment agency coordinating editor | He Wenyi edit | ding organizer | anhui provincial government information office, province letter platform construction and technical support | anhui new media group