Family glory: Zhen Core to the end are calculating Ma Exhibition Hong, Lang Lang’s own father is he really

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A “family honor” started just make enough heat, subsequent plot development was again and again to refresh everyone’s point of view, in the large clans, everyone is not a good crop, is likely to be just your eyes see the other side want to let you see, for example has been waiting game looking for a perfect time for revenge horse show hon,For example, pretending to be aloof from worldly affairs, but secretly ma family take hold of the zhen Core.Although said zhen core claim themselves because of love a horse exhibition company, so willing to she rebelled against the house of the horse to sell the horse family, but in fact she loves, she is just lust for power, markov group CEO wants to keep his seat, only China unicom horse show hon design of the revenge plans, she learned about horse show in the company’s ultimate goal is not after annexation markov group,Even secretly and Diros reached an agreement, she will help him win the control of Ma Group, and he promised to let her continue to serve as the CEO of Ma Group, in order to consolidate their power, she sold Ma Zhanhong!# using Ma Yaozu and horse show hon feelings for their first Ma Yaozu, then is the horse show hon, zhen core with own calculating the horse home two such a good man to play with in hand, she play means intentionally by Ma Shihong realize Ma Yaozu, before he acted more generous and considerate, before Ma Shihong earn goodwill,So Ma Yaozu decided that she was the right choice for his wife.Ma Yaozu after death, unwilling lonely she put to the horse show hon, knowing that the horse show hon revenge plan, she used his feelings for her, pretending to have been a favorite of all is he, in order to impress his love and mercy, let he agreed to join their camp, revenge is to let oneself in the struggle in the indefectible position,Be the ultimate winner!# ZhenCheng the rap for zhen core, admitted is the murderer killed the He Shouli her in order to conceal his plot, after the wrong hand to kill He Qili under panic to find his brother ZhenCheng handle He Shouli for their bodies, but ZhenCheng under panic had left his evidence at the scene, in order not to bring trouble zhen xin, ZhenCheng admit wrong hand to the police killed He Shouli, take the rap for zhen xin!And Zhen Core unexpectedly have no guilty heart, in the face of Jia Luoyi’s query can also deny that he is killing he Qili without hesitation the real murderer!# Bestie Feud:Never take each other as sisters “family honor” the beginning of the story, began in zhen core and Gu Luoyi the girlfriends on the same day to marry into the giants in one hundred, ma zhen core and Gu Luoyi from high school to start getting to know each other, then two people together in the same university, beauty contest, join together the entertainment circle, everybody thought they are inseparable, feelings good girlfriends,The reason why She treated Her so well was because she wanted to use Jarloy as a foil to her dignity.When Jarroyi is no longer useful, she will not hesitate to break with her!# From beginning to end in the calculation of Ma Zhanhong inssatiable Zhen Core, to the end because of the Jinlong Group cross a foot lead to the failure of the acquisition action, did not think of the acquisition action still do not give up zhen Core, actually with children Lang Lang may be his son as bait, coax Ma Zhanhong support their purchase plan!Finally zhen Xin killed he Qili video was found by Jia Luoyi, she knew she was cornered, decided to commit suicide, although she was finally saved by Ma Zhanhong in time, but in the end she still escaped the prison house.Of a glimmer of difference, although Zhen Core loses all ends finally put in prison to serve a sentence, but she still got Ma Zhanhong’s special affection and love, got him to be able to wait for her to be released from prison with Lang Lang promise.But does she really love Ma Zhanhong?Perhaps only Zhen Xin himself knows the answer!Perhaps Zhen Xin doesn’t love anyone from beginning to end, nor has she ever paid her “heart” to anyone. She has always loved only herself. She loves power and enjoys the feeling of power in her hands.She cheated and took advantage of the people around her, using her own disguise to keep everyone in the dark for her purposes, and she finally paid a relative price for her ambition: she betrayed her family and was finally punished by the law.As for whether Zhen Xin will live or die, and who Lang Lang’s father really is, the screenwriters have left us with a mystery that will probably have to wait until the sequel is made.