In 1984, a bus driver in Harbin was sentenced 13 years after his invention of “turning water into oil” was praised by countless people

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In 1984, with only a fourth-grade education, Wang hongcheng launched an invention that turned water into oil, transforming him from an unknown bus driver into a great inventor.When the news came out, more than 80 domestic news media rushed to report it, none of which praised Wang Hongcheng’s great invention of turning water into burning gasoline, and some even called it “the fuel family revolution that shocked the world”.And without exaggeration, wang Hongcheng’s “water into oil”, together with the four great inventions of China, called “China’s fifth invention”, “the medicine of the century”.In this era of increasingly energy tight, can make clear water into oil, is undoubtedly “Midas touch gold”, can bring great wealth to the society.Of course, some people admire the ground, highly respected, some people sniff at this, do not agree with.Others openly asserted: “Wang Hongcheng is a big swindler who dares to soar to the sky.”For a variety of reasons, “water into oil” in China, staged for 10 years.Who was Wang Hongcheng, known as the “great inventor”?What about his invention of “water to oil”?In the 1980s, the development of science and technology became a key direction of national development in China. It was also at that time that many inventions emerged in various fields, and many inventions also had a profound influence on the development of science and technology today.Wang Hongcheng’s “water into oil” was born under such a historical background.If Wang hongcheng’s water into oil really succeeds, it will be a great blessing for the society that was increasingly short of energy at that time.Wang Hongcheng, known as a genius of ancient China, was born in an ordinary rural family in Heilongjiang Province.His father was a grain depot worker, and his mother was an ordinary housewife.The family conditions were not good, coupled with Wang Hongcheng’s poor academic performance, it is understood that he did not score more than 10 points in any subject during primary school.Because of my poor grades, I often made trouble in class and affected other students’ study. I was expelled from school twice in only four years.When he was in the fourth grade, he was expelled again, so he stopped going to school and went home to raise pigs.Raising pigs didn’t bring Wang the life he wanted, but wang got a junior high school diploma in exchange for four kilograms of pork.After raising pigs for a period of time, Wang Hongcheng became dissatisfied with his living situation, so he learned carpentry from a friend of his father’s on his father’s recommendation.After studying for a period of time, Wang Hongcheng found it too hard and tired to give up, and later went to the army as a soldier.Wang Hongcheng was working as a bus driver when he announced his invention, thanks to a junior high school diploma he had earned by selling meat.Wang hongcheng’s family was not connected with culture for generations. His grandparents and brothers and sisters did not go to college, and wang hongcheng’s knowledge of chemistry before that was limited to whether water was composed of hydrogen and oxygen or memorized by rote.Wang Hongcheng although the cultural level is low, but he has always felt that he is an underappreciated person, in the bus company is only a temporary downcast, one day he will rise to the top.Because he had been dealing with gasoline for a long time in the bus company, he found that gasoline was very expensive. Obviously, it was the same as water, and it was also a liquid. Why could gasoline be sold at such a high price?If I could invent a way to change water into oil, wouldn’t I make a killing?With this idea in mind, Wang took action. He thought that since both gases can be burned by water, there must be a way to turn water into fuel.And for his this kind of whimsy, all the people around do not understand, only his wife, without hesitation to support him, even if Wang Hongcheng at home when the laboratory made a miasma, his wife also never a complaint.After a period of experiments, Wang hongcheng actually announced that he had completed the “water into oil” experiment, creating a “new energy” called “water-based fuel”.If he said he could turn water into oil, I’m afraid no one would believe him. But Wang Hongcheng stopped questioning his long public by virtue of his magical performance.Speaking of water to oil, “why can produce such a big influence, we have to say a deputy director of the Public security Bureau in Harbin.At that time, the deputy director learned about Wang Hongcheng’s great invention from the news, and immediately led a group of subordinates to Wang Hongcheng’s home.Just to see wang Hongcheng’s great invention.Deputy director of the arrival, let Wang Hongcheng feel flattered, immediately began to give deputy director of the show “water to oil”, deputy director also specially ordered people to take a camera, is to record the magic moment of water to oil.In order to prove that the water used in the test is indeed drinking water in life, Wang Hongcheng also let the deputy director personally to play a bucket of water, and filled a cup to the deputy director of the deputy director of a drink.After drinking, the deputy director nodded to show that it was indeed drinkable water.Then Wang Hongcheng said mysteriously, “Take the rest of the water and don’t move it. Next, watch me turn the water in the bucket into oil.””Said Wang Hongcheng took out their own development of the” original liquid “, to just ready to drop a few drops of water in the bucket, casually stirred a few times, it was found that the original clear water began to slowly turn red, as long as the water red means that the test has been successful.Then Wang Hongcheng with cans filled with some discoloration after the water, to the deputy director, at this time the deputy director in one hand just drank water, in the other hand dripping into the “original liquid” water, according to the guidance of Wang Hongcheng, a group of people came to the kitchen to witness the “miracle”.After arriving in the kitchen, Wang hongcheng picked up a lighter and lit a fire on a cup filled with water. The water did not react at all, while the water in the can with “raw liquid” immediately burst into flames when it touched the fire. This scene immediately caused the public to cry.If only these, perhaps can’t let Wang Hongcheng become famous, but the following things let people have to admire the ground.Subsequently, Wang Hong became a proof of their “water to oil” can become a new energy can replace oil, leading the crowd came to the living room, lift just drop into the “liquid” that bucket of water to the door.He is ready to use the deputy director of the car to do experiments, after selecting a car, deputy director of the car will be ordered to the original gasoline sucked dry, then into the water into the oil, to everyone’s surprise, the water of the car can really start normally!You can’t help but wonder, is this invention really successful?Actually otherwise, it does seem on the surface of a success, but if you look at the details, deputy director of the video has been followed, at that time, everyone in the kitchen, hong-cheng wang’s wife in the living room, one person is likely to be in the kitchen “miracles”, she put the pail of water early into the real gas.When it comes to burning cans, there is even more suspicion that the cans themselves do not show whether they are empty. If there is some gasoline inside, the oil will naturally rise to the surface when injected with water-based fuel.But all this was analyzed later, when almost everyone was blinded by this amazing invention.”Wang Hongcheng’s ‘water becomes oil’ is true!”The people present were deeply proud of being one of the first witnesses of Wang hongcheng’s invention, and they trumpeted wang hongcheng’s invention with videos to prove it.With a loyal fan as deputy Director, Wang’s invention of “water-based fuel” quickly went viral in Harbin.After this successful performance, Wang hongcheng began a nationwide “tour”. A bottle of beer with a few drops of liquid turned into a bottle of “water-based fuel”, and a lighter ignited a blazing fire.This “water-based fuel” can run not only cars, but also powerboats powered by seawater, and even claims to desalinate seawater to produce salt.At the time, Wang claimed that his water-based fuel could replace gasoline and drive cars at 1/1000 of the cost, while pollution could be reduced by 80% using his own fuel.To prove himself, Wang hongcheng was the first to invest his own water-based fuel in his bus company. To show his support, wang hongcheng’s bus company replaced all its fuel with wang’s water-based fuel, and held a ribbon-cutting ceremony.The ribbon-cutting ceremony came to a lot of leaders, attracted a lot of crowd onlookers, Wang Hongcheng was treated like stars and stars, which was never experienced in his previous working life, this time also let his vanity was greatly satisfied.During this period, there are no less than dozens of tonnage performances. In accordance with common sense, the test volume is so large that it can be false?However, no matter how wonderful a performance is, it is only a performance. It should be identified in science, not just by intuitive feeling, but by standing up to the test of science.But Wang Hongcheng did not dare, because his experiment is a farce, but he refused to give up, trying to gain more benefits.So he set out to obtain a national patent for “water-based fuel”.Unable to go beyond national scientific verification and patent review, Wang forged documents to “prove” his invention.In 1986, Wang hongcheng claimed that he would show his invention to a vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, hoping that the academy would provide him with a certificate. However, when the ACADEMY provided him with a good venue and experts, Wang Hongcheng ran away.If he did not keep his word, he took advantage of the opportunity to contact with the staff of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, secretly took a document with the seal of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the patent administration Office, and fabricated a paragraph of the invention of “water-based fuel” success.A “Wang Hongcheng invention results document” so fresh.Then Wang Hongcheng took this forged document to defraud Harbin, Hebei and other units of cooperation, and obtained huge profits.His methods can be divided into a trilogy.First, by acting out the deluded.The second is to use its trust, cheat money cheat;The last thing you need is a shot and a move.From 1985 to 1987, Wang Hongcheng, in the name of “water-based fuel” cooperation, has been in a petrochemical design institute, a bus factory and some units to perform, has cheated more than 400,000 YUAN, 5 cars, and then fled.In 1992, Wang hongcheng ignored a directive issued by the central leadership that “no promotion should be carried out before verification.””, continue to cheat in the society, can not take out the “water-based fuel”, with “oil and water puffing agent” falsely called “water to oil”, in the name of the company to continue to cheat a lot of money.Wang Hongcheng used this invention for a long period of political fraud, not only publicly asking the state for important officials, but also viciously slandering those leading comrades who asked him to carry out scientific verification.Not only that, he also used public opinion to cover up his bad behavior, but framed the country to fight against him.Wang Hongcheng often fabricated political rumors that central leaders had met him in order to blackmail the heads of relevant state departments. He said, “Only vice premier or higher are qualified to see the secret recipe, and even if it is to be handed over to the party, it cannot be handed over to the State Planning Commission. It depends on who will become the premier in the future.”Wang Hongcheng relies on deceiving the masses to make huge profits, this farce was staged for ten years, during which countless families suffered from its harm, countless enterprises were deceived, but his performance was not cheated by the national Science and technology Commission after all.In 1996, heilongjiang public Security department received a secret order, set up “9614” task force, investigation private enterprise Wang Hongcheng has no criminal facts.The investigation found that Wang Hongcheng’s so-called “water into oil” is a fraud from beginning to end, and his so-called mysterious “original liquid” can not play the role of turning water into oil, basically are soap, the reason for the discoloration, just because Wang Hongcheng added lithium, iron and other metal elements in it.He was soon arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison and deprived of political rights for two years. However, while in prison, Wang insisted that his water-based fuel was real and appealed against it, but all his appeals were rejected.After 13 years, this “water to oil” farce has finally come to an end.Although this matter is over, but the impact is really very bad.A bus driver without any knowledge, relying on performance, fraud has cheated so many enterprises and journalists, which has to cause people to think deeply.We have always advocated democracy and science and opposed superstition and ignorance. However, Wang Hongcheng’s anti-science in the name of science has once again plunged countless people into ignorance.