Nets to aid the target eventually appeared, the official speech deliberately concealed, Joha has injured three scorers in place

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Recently, the Nets have officially announced that they want to add a comprehensive scorer to the team, but they released this information is somewhat vague, indicating that the main chip to pay is Millsap plus Carter.But it’s obvious to the eye that this is a smoke screen, after all millsapka carter can’t get rid of both of them, can return any scorer, it’s just a fantasy.There must be a clearer target and a more subtle bargaining chip.Based on the number of players available for trade on the market and current news from the Nets, we can see that the Nets have three levels of acquisition targets, similar to those of the lakers.But their goals are relatively clear, because they’ve said they want scorers, and non-scoring defensive players are out of their lineup.Turner, for example, has been ruled out, and his current no. 1 seed is clearly Grant.After all, grant is tradeable right now, and which of these players on the shelf has Grant Xiang, a quasi-All-Star player who is now recovering from a major injury and has a 3-pointer, penetration, defense, wing, and special xiang.And if the Nets do get it, it would be a big boost for their forward line.And the Nets can afford to trade him.Not with carter, millsap to exchange, if you want to exchange this 20 million or so people, it must be to take Joe Harris.There are also recent reports that Nash said Joe Harris is going backwards and may have to delay his return.That could move Joe Harris for the nets, who desperately need someone.Would Joha be able to switch with Grant alone if we moved him? Not really.To add someone, it could be Sharpe or Claxton or even small guard Thomas and those are all possibilities.Because none of these guys smell like Grant.But whether it’s carter or Millsap is a fantasy.The second target is also clear: Gordon.The fans will also understand that Gordon is a player the Rockets are eager to sell, if the Nets want to acquire Gordon, in fact, more trouble.Because the rockets are clearly asking for a first-round pick, not a star.But the Nets’ first-round pick is a 2008 one, a year later than the lakers’, and it’s highly unlikely that the Nets would trade that 2008 first-round pick for Gordon.Perhaps the Nets could pull off a three-way trade if they do target Gordon, rather than the first-round pick.For example, bring up Joe Harris, bring him up and then make a three-way trade with another team in the middle of the rockets to lure the opposite team, which is only the second option.After all, these guys are behind Grant, and I’m sure you can understand that.The third draft is actually more metaphysical, because now this player, everyone is not too high on his name recognition, if not too much attention to the game players, may not know him very well, that is the Kings Barnes.This player is over $20 million, and he’s playing pretty well for the Kings, averaging 18 minutes per game and shooting 38% from 3-point range near 40%.But the situation is that he’s in Sacramento, and they can trade anyone, like Fox, depending on whether they have enough chips to trade.If can fit scorer this option, in fact he also quite fits.If there is a real need for such a striker, it is possible to trade him.The main bargaining chip is also relatively obvious or Joha.Joha has to be moved whenever there’s a need for an all-around scorer.Who is chohaga? That’s a good one.Because Barnes still doesn’t smell as good as Grant, and if anything, it’s clarkston.It’s not practical to add Sharp.The Nets probably decided that one Barnes wasn’t worth moving so many people, so at most, one Claxton.Because the Nets are now looking to move Claxton, overall, this guy is going to be the third option.Even if all goes well for Joe Harris, he would probably be behind Joe Harris if he was able to make a regular comeback.The situation is that if Joris’s return is delayed, then he might be traded for Barnes.Because Barnes is not shooting joha accurate, the problem is joha injury has regressed, so the Nets side is also because of a shortage of hands, just want to quickly bring in reinforcements.With Gordon, it would be a pairing for Harden, since Irving isn’t a long-term solution.Grant would be a perfect fit, add a wing and play well with Durant.As for Barnes’ main advantage, if Joha regressed and couldn’t meet the Nets’ staffing needs, the trade would be for Barnes.Overall, the Nets have a particularly clear target. They want scorers rather than defense right now, because they don’t want to waste the prime of Harden and Durant.