Projects under construction in our city, Puyang to Yangxin high-speed Heze section is expected to be completed by the end of next year open to traffic

2022-05-04 0 By

In 2022, the city will continue to make efforts in key transportation projects.At present, Heze has these key traffic projects under construction.In terms of railways, construction has begun on the 18.4-kilometer parallel section of Xiongshang High-speed railway and South Shandong High-speed Railway. This year, an investment of 1 billion YUAN will be completed and construction will be fully started within the year.Yuncheng to Juye railway under the south of Shandong high railway, Rilan high-speed project has been completed, Heze Guangyuan land port railway special line, Hua Wang thermoelectric railway special line, Lijiang Road under the Beijing-Kowloon railway project and other roads under the south of Shandong high railway project is under construction.Highway aspect, Puyang to Yangxin highway Heze section, this year completed investment 3.01 billion yuan, the end of next year completed open to traffic.A total of 1,802 kilometers of “Sihao Rural Roads” were rebuilt, and 90 dilapidated Bridges were renovated.Yuncheng to Juancheng Highway, Ji-Guang Highway Heze section renovation and expansion projects have started the construction process.Report peony Evening News all media reporter Yunhua