“The second day of the year” custom taboo: “7 to” 6 “do not”, lucky star in the year of the tiger

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Today is February 2, 2022, the second day of the first lunar month in the Year of the Tiger.This day is called “Welcome son-in-law Day”.In other words, it is the day for daughters to visit their parents with their son-in-law and children.As the saying goes, half son-in-law, half son.On the second day of the year, the daughter returned to her parents with great joy.In the past, there were some customs and taboos on the second day of the lunar New Year in rural areas.So, what are these customs, taboos?The daughter wants to pay a New Year visit to her parents.On the second day of the lunar New Year, the married daughter pays a New Year visit to her mother’s home, which is a custom handed down for thousands of years.This morning, the daughter to take son-in-law with a gift back home, and to the home of the old, children gathered together, ready a table “feast”, happy, wine.When we get together, we will take a family photo, beaming and happy.Ancient times this day called Guining, see her children, to distribute red envelopes, for a good omen.Worship the god of wealth.Legend, the second day of the New Year is the day of the God of wealth, sacrifice to the god of wealth, more common in north China, almost every family to prepare offerings, the New Year’s Eve to welcome back the god of wealth worship, hope to get rich and prosperous next year.This day, respectfully greet the god of wealth home, looking forward to a wide range of financial resources, good weather.Here, sustenance is people’s yearning for a better life, the ardent expectation of a happy day.In fact, our diligence, our wisdom, is our best “god of wealth”.3 Eat wontons.Wonton, is designed in the shape of ingot, also represents the meaning of “wealth and treasure”.In the morning of the second day of the lunar New Year, there is a custom of cooking wonton in the north.Soup, on behalf of “financial resources luxuriant reach three rivers”.With the coming of the New Year, who doesn’t want their life to be better and better?Eat the meal for the opening of the New Year.The second day of the Chinese New Year, also known as the “opening day” by the ancients, is very grand and full of a sense of ceremony.Every family should prepare rich and colorful dishes, meat and vegetable, dazzling things in eyes, but also have dry fresh fruits.A lot of places DIY combination, also be original, clever move repeatedly.For example, chicken and pear, meaning good luck;Rice cake with fish, meaning more than every year;Lettuce and rice, meaning wealth;Persimmon and pig heart, meaning everything goes well…Open the wealth door.Some of the people who open shops and buy, mostly astutely, they want to take advantage of the “God of wealth” good day, open the door, decorated, firecrackers, grand opening.Therefore, the second day of the lunar New Year is the best choice for them.On this day, most people are idle and spend a lot of money. For the venerable people, this is the best business opportunity. How could they miss it?6 To worship ancestors.In some areas of the south, early in the morning of the second day, people will worship their ancestors and sweep their tombs, which means remembering the past and not forgetting their roots.This point will not be repeated.7 Eat noodles.As the saying goes, the first day of the dumplings of the second day of the face.The rest of the first day of noodles, rolled into noodles, boiled after a cold water, and then hit the brine or fried sauce, meaning that after eating all the year round smooth, such as wishful meaning.Do not collect debts.On the second day of the New Year, people are immersed in a joyous atmosphere, hoping for a good start to the New Year.Choose to collect debts on this day, is completely to others, but also to find their own uncomfortable.Whether it is very don’t with debt, or others to collect debt, are considered to be a very unlucky thing, therefore, this time to collect debt, is a big taboo.2 Don’t nap.On the second day of the Chinese New Year, a time for moving around, naps can leave people feeling sleepy and lethargic, which is a “lack of respect” for visitors.Keep full of spirit, warm and thoughtful hospitality, is the real “landlord’s friendship”.Don’t bring an odd gift home.The daughter and her son-in-law return home, itself is “out of the pair into the pair”, appears particularly happy.Carrying gifts, naturally also want to “follow the trend”, “double” appears steady, kind, solid.There’s another meaning, both back, both back.If the gift is singular, it is considered impolite and unlucky.4 Don’t wash your clothes.There used to be a saying in rural areas that the second day of the lunar New Year was the birthday of the god of water. On the one hand, washing clothes disturbed the god of water.On the other hand, washing clothes is to splash water, water in ancient times was considered as a “source of revenue”, how can casually throw away?Therefore, do not wash clothes on the second day of the first lunar month.5 Don’t say “no”.Be careful what you say.On the second day of the Chinese New Year, if a salesman comes to your door to sell something, refuse to say that you have it at home, do not say “no”.Money is a fluid thing.When the god of wealth hears “no”, he will think that the family does not like him and will stop coming.Don’t set off firecrackers.The god of wealth presence, to be respectful, quiet, firecrackers will be surprised dajia, old people a run, that how should be good?These folk customs, is not very interesting?If there are other supplements, you can leave a message in the message area, thank you!